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Nov 03, 2022


Oct 03, 2022

Journey with the Venus Wisdom Collective to learn how to sync with Venus, discover your feminine nature, embody more of your truth and access your courage to transmute the fear of showing up as your authentic self and offering your unique gifts to the world at this turn of ages.


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Praises for Venus Wisdom
Syncing with Venus Wisdom has been incredibly nourishing and empowering. After a few months of relating with Venus I felt like I came home to myself in a whole new way. No longer am I willing to sacrifice my feminine nature for outward success. I now have a map to work with to plan my business and life in harmony with my personal astrology that supports both my visionary drive as well as my deep feeling heart and need for rest and renewal. Sasha Benedetti is my go to astrologer and recommend her pioneering work to every woman ready for the next edge of her personal development.

~ Sacha Sterling, Business Coach


The One Who is at Play Everywhere says,
There is a space in the heart where everything meets.
Come here if you want to find me.
Mind, senses, soul, eternity - all are here.
Are you here?

~ Radiance Sutra #26


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🔒 We value your privacy and promise to never share or spam your email. (Updates are sent about twice per month)


Come with me to explore the beauty and power within through the wisdom of Venus.

I’m Sasha Rose, founder of Venus Wisdom.

If you’re like me, you embody a heroine spirit. The fierceness to go after what you want and the longing to be held and supported. There’s something special about the brave woman who alchemizes both these energies within herself. 

It’s obvious that the times are calling us to lean in, to allow ourselves a new way to achieve. You’re willing to risk for what you want in life.

But are you willing to be courageous enough to trust your heart’s intelligence to get you there?

Venus wisdom can show you the way. The Solar Feminine is a new frequency of leadership emerging in many innovative, creative and visionary women. 

Are you hearing the call to birth something new and big, even if you don't yet know what it is? 
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The Beauty & Strength of Venus

Venus is known for being the planet with the energy of love, yet most are unaware of the depth and truth of what this means.

Venus is connection, sensuality, and how we give and receive affection. She is also our core values, discernment, self-esteem, as well as our ability to attune and relate to others. 

Venus loves to magnetize. She loves enjoyment. She is pleasure.

She is wealth, not only money, but the full sensation of having abundance. She fans the flames of our creative talents and urges us to express them.

Tapping into our Venus energy strengthens our ability to move through the challenges and know ourselves as heroine along the way. She teaches us we can claim victory at each step on our journey.

Venus shows us how we relate to our own beauty and how to be nourished by our own Essence. 

Venus’s desire for the ideal gives us the energy we need to create our own ideal life.

Venus teaches us that life is not about reaching the destination but how we relate to our experience on the journey - that is where we find fulfillment.