Are you a visionary woman
at a midlife threshold
who senses it's time for a REBIRTH
in your being and your business?


If you created your business as a vehicle
to fulfill your sacred purpose,
I'm glad you landed here. 

In these increasingly wild times, 
do you want to
reconnect with your deep feminine,
and rebirth yourself as the heroine
who takes your mission to the next level?
If so, you are in the right place.

Right now the cosmos is perfectly aligned
to support you on a heroine's journey
of Rebirth.

You've worked hard to create a successful business and you are good at what you do.

Yet you may be feeling a growing disconnect. You may recognize that your business no longer represents what it did. You feel a change is needed and you may be unclear what that is.

You have also changed and have not had the devoted space to catch up with yourself.

As the world continues to become more chaotic you recognize that you are weary from holding the vision of a shift into a more positive, sustainable peaceful direction for many years.

Do you feel that you are in new territory, carrying the responsibility to sustain your business, along with new physical, emotional, and spiritual changes at midlife?

Do you feel more stuck, frustrated, and uninspired than you have in years? 

You may feel that your passion  is waning and you have lost contact with your lusciousness. This may be showing up in your sexual expression - and your spirit. 

If you feel that you are at a crossroads and know that you have a choice to make...

You may be hearing the call to the heroine's journey within....

The truth is that the longer we live, the more losses we sustain.

At midlife thresholds, we are confronted with the choice to close down from the heartbreaks, failures and disappointments or to find the courage to open to more of who we are and honor all the wisdom we have cultivated. 

We can lose our sense of wildness and contact with our inspiration. 

We can feel a new disconnection from our sense of beauty and this affects our confidence. 

We see with new eyes the reality that this culture does not honor the wisdom of older women and their role as stewards of culture. 

You may want to contract and play it safe because you don't feel you have the energy to take new risks. 

But you are a rebel, a rule breaker, a visionary at heart.  You value truth. You want to be more real, not less. 

And you are longing to feel more freedom. This is what called you to go into business and to reach for the big dream.

You want to feel your whole heart again. You want to feel the bright, open space of possibility. 

You know there is something new for you to bring forth.

Do you feel it working you, beneath the surface...maybe in your dreams. 

Are you feeling called to a Rebirth?

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Hi, I'm Sasha Rose.

I guide visionary women on a quest to root into their ancient feminine wisdom and tap into the next level of their greatest vision.

My superpower is to reflect woman's feminine brilliance back to her
and help her align her identity to reach for the next level of her mission. 

At my midlife transit at 42, I WOKE UP to my purpose to share embodied astrology and the power of cycling with Venus with women who were ready to become heroines in their life. 

I was both excited and terrified as I stepped into the unknown to embark on the path of the entrepreneur. 

I have cultivated  resilience as I mapped this path into the depths of the unknown to reconnect to our deep feminine and rebirth our creative power. I've learned that all feelings can be fuel. 

I've learned the power of faith to hold us through the dark night until the light dawn, founding Venus Wisdom as a single mom knowing nothing about business. 

At 53, I am moving through my Chiron return
and being initiated as a new elder. 

I've studied astrology for 34 years
and been practicing professionally for 12 years. Over this time, I've developed a unique framework that engages the energies of the Venus cycle with a conscious heroine's journey to transform into our truest and most brilliant heroine to fulfill our mission. 

I created Deep Courage Quest for Rebirth to align with the most potent time of this special Venus cycle in these turbulent times. 
This is for visionary women who want to receive magnificent support to connect with her deepest courage and consciously rebirth into a heroine, the wise woman who is able to center in her heart and stay focused on realizing her vision for a more beautiful world. 

I'm here to support you on a quest into deep courage.


"Life shrinks or expands 
in proportion to one's courage."
~ Anais Nin

Courageous Women of Wisdom Needed!

On a heroine's journey, first we must shed our outdated identity and die to old ways of being.

Our surrender is the entry point.

Only through letting go can we open to our more feeling and merge with our deepest heart and reconnect with our essence. 

When we claim our personal myth and recalibrate our identity as the heroine we are, we  expand our capacity to actualize our greatest vision.

This is where we restore ourselves as creators.

At midlife we experience our most important  initiations right at the time that modern cultures spins a narrative that diminishes older women. The language of astrology maps these important thresholds.

Venus and her cycle shows us our unique feminine archetype, including our gifts and super powers. Her natural cycle of life-death-rebirth supports us to connect with ourselves as a heroine. 

At around 40-42, we get an electric "wake up call". Our incredible biological ability to create another being shifts and our menstrual cycles change preparing us for the wild ride of menopause. It's a time to claim your wildness and be sure you are on the path of purpose to bring your unique gifts to the world. 

At around 50-52 we reach the next level of our wisdom. Hot flashes wake us up as life breaks us open to feel our deepest wound of separation. If we are willing to feel more, we can transmute that pain and become a more powerful guide for those we are here to serve. It's a time to deepen your healing and elevate your ability to teach and guide. 

Does this sound familiar?

Whether your age matches one of these thresholds exactly or not, if you are feeling the call, it may be your time for this quest 

Every initiation is an opportunity to connect with the creative being we were as a child, the one with the golden heart. She is the doorway to our essence, our muse our spirit.  

Our culture is devoid of rites of passage and initiations as we move through these thresholds.

We are not meant to journey alone. We need a map, a guide and insightful reflections along the way. 

If you sense you are ready for this journey, I am a seasoned ally available to show you to the path that leads you deeper into yourself, into your courage, into your feminine essence and into a rebirth into the visionary leader you are ready to become. 



A Personal Quest
for Rebirth 

Receive  intimate support on your transformational journey.
Align your heart, soul and business with the natural cycle of Venus. 
In a 6-month 1:1 container
The Venus Wisdom Heroine's Journey Framework:

  1. Personal Sessions 
    * Learn the rhythm of the Venus cycle to map your timing for regeneration and creation.
    * Discover your Venus Design as your inner heroine and star of your personal myth to tap into more confidence and magnetism to attract your soul level clients and allies. 
    * Connect with your embodied insight for each aspect of your Venus Design and find your power images. Discover hidden parts of you that want to support your success. 

    * Venus gazing! (as possible) Increase your intimacy with earth and sky. 
    * Plan your key business dates and time off for the next year aligned with this natural cycle of the feminine. 
  2. Recordings of all sessions.
  3. Guidance in discovering your core astro archetypes integrating them into your personal myth. 
    *Invite your Inner Heroine to take her seat at center and empower  your heart   leadership.
    * Unite your Inner Council to support you in your sacred mission 
  4. Venusian embodiment practices and curated resources to support your journey, help you connect with your feelings, your naturalness and your deep feminine.
  5. Reflections on your current branding and messaging to align with your Venus Design. Reflections to integrate your heroine qualities into your business. 
  6. Accountability to maintain a writing practice  during our 6 month quest to "tend to the flame" of creativity, to unearth your forgotten stories, to clarify, to catalyze, to imagine and open the way for rebirth. 
  7. Deeply perceptive reflections, astro wisdom, encouragement every step of the way.

                  “We either own our story or we stand outside our story
    ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†and hustle for our worthiness.‚Ä̬† ¬†~ Brene Brown


Your Inner Heroine
Discover or deepen your embodied insight of the key dimensions of your Venus Design. Cultivate your heroine qualities, clarify your gifts and strengthen your ability  to center in your heart on the journey. 

Your Venus discoveries and your branding and planning will be woven in throughout the journey with a special focus.


Your Inner Trickster-Magician
We explore how your Mercury placement shows you your nature of attention and how to enlist your Mind to serve your Heart.

Gain insights about your learning style and messaging. 


Your Inner Historian
We dive into your Moon sign and how your Lunar Feminine holds your history to protect you and keep you safe. Learn how to enlist your Historian to help you re-write your stories as heroine. 


Your Inner Lover-Warrior
We uncover the qualities of your masculine nature, Mars, and how you go about getting what you want. We enlist this part of your in service to your deeper feminine nature for greater coherence in your being and the path to fulfillment of your sacred mission. This is a big clearing time!



Your Sacred Mission
We shine the light on the key astro markers that illuminate your Sacred Mission. We consider your innate aptitudes, evolving genius, and where you may want to recalibrate or upgrade. 


Together, we reflect on your journey and weave together the insights about the different aspects of yourself into a greater sense of wholeness.

The Structure of Your Quest

  • 12 Sessions - 90 minutes +
    We meet online twice a month for a deep dive into your personal astrological guidance within the Venus Wisdom Heroine's Journey Framework. Together, we activate your heroine, unify your team of core archetypes to support her to take your sacred mission to the next level.

    You receive key dates, insights about your inner archetypes and practices to support your personal transformation and business planning.

    * 2 Deep Heart Sessions 60 minutes + where we drop the Mind and tune into your inner world with reflection and witnessing. These sessions support integration and connection with your feminine essence.

    * Recordings of all sessions
    * Astro charts and transit charts.

    * Your Personal Venus Cycle Map: the codes of your natal cycle.

    * Weekday access (on alternate weeks) via Telegram 11 am - 5 pm Pacific on the weeks in between your sessions for questions on your journey.

    * 30 minute Integration Call for 2 months following our completion.

    *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * *

    "And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.‚ÄĚ

    ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


Are you ready a conscious Quest for Rebirth?

 Praise for Venus Wisdom 

"I’ve just experienced my first session with Sasha and words cannot describe how profound it was! It was far more than a reading, rather a meditative and coaching journey between the cosmos and the earth where my birth chart and my Venus placement was the key to unlocking my souls story.

Everything Sasha shared was so on point, it was as if she knew me better than myself, all this just through my Venus placement! Sasha’s calculations of my Venus Star differed to what I had learned through other modalities. When she explained her interpretation of my Venus Star I had goose bumps all over my body, it resonated at a deep soul level." 

~ Denise Kennedy
Business and Life Coach
(Currently moving through Chiron Return Initiation)



  • You are on a growth path and¬†cultivate curiosity.
  • You¬†value vulnerability and want to feel more.
  • You are willing to engage in a radical self-honesty practice.¬†
  • You're¬†willing to release what is not longer true.¬†
  • You are interested in astrology, myth and symbolism, even if you don't know much about it.¬†¬†
  • You want to remember and record your stories and insights for your own insight, content creation, a book or as a part of your legacy.¬†

    This is for you if you're a midlife woman who is already successful at doing what you love. Even though everything is "working", you are surprised by the intensity of changes at this stage. You feel your passion is ebbing. You want more aliveness. 

    Over the past decade of working with hundreds of visionary women at thresholds, I've found that until you embrace the loss of identity by diving into the depths of your being and shedding old identities then opening to connect with your deep feminine nature, it's hard to feel the surge of new vitality that brings a renewed sense of your true beauty and highest calling.  

    That's exactly why I created DEEP COURAGE at the most supportive time in the Venus cycle, to guide you through my one-of-a-kind framework that connects you with your deep feminine soul, holds up the mirror to who you’ve been and invites you to courageously rebirth into the visionary leader you are ready to be. 

More reflections...  

After going on this journey and initiation, I've come out the other side with a deeper devotion to beauty. And not this false sense of beauty, the TRUE essence of beauty, which is really a woman that can hold her sacred flame and essence.

I’ve been following Venus but I hadn't gone this deep in relationship with her until I joined Venus Wisdom in March of 2023.

Now, things have completely clicked for me and I'm even more committed to this Venusian path and everything that she has to offer me, especially in deepening my sovereignty.

The private 1:1 sessions with Sasha not only gave me the time and space to work through my direct experience but also to receive Sasha’s deep way of seeing my unique feminine design and how I could apply this to life, buisiness and my relationships.

Sasha helped me see blind spots. I now understand why I am the way I am and how to utilize my gifts. I no longer second guess or hide because it is my superpower….and this is priceless to me.

Janelle Sjodin
Founder, Venusian Alchemy

(Currently moving through Uranus Opposition Initiation)

If you are called to Deep Courage, I am looking forward to connecting to explore it. 

If you are feeling called, schedule your call. These spots are limited. 

Start you journey in the powerful eclipse season & fresh start energy of the new astrological year. 

"The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward."   ~ Amelia Earhart



More Praise for the Venus Wisdom
Heroine's Journey

I started syncing with Venus without knowing what I was doing. She called me as a beautiful star after sunset and I started going out every night to hang out with her. 

Since then, I have been drawn to learn more about the power of my Venus and my deep feminine. I found out that Evening Star is my archetype, my natal imprint of Venus. She was in this position in the sky when she first called to me. 

When I started working with Sasha, I was feeling alone in the quest to reclaim the sacred in my life and family.

Through this process I feel more confident in embodying my Taurus Venus capacity to receive and be receptive, as an art, as a devotion and an essential self love mastery.

My Venus Star inspires me to transform into my truest form and I see how that energy connects me to my purpose. 

I also have a new understanding how my Mars can lead me out of my lower body and earth connection, pulling me into an expansion which can cause me to lose my grounding. This has helped me to choose differently. 

I am  reclaiming myself as a woman. 
I think the strongest shift has been not just my relationship with myself but also in my intimate relationships -  in how I give voice to the truth of my feminine nature.

I have much gratitude for Sasha for helping women to reclaim an ancient and evolutionary quality of our feminine nature. 

~ Alison DeLong

Rite of Passage Wilderness Guide & Trauma-Informed Parenting Coach Founder of Mother Element, LLC
(Currently moving through Chiron Return Initiation)