Venus in Pisces with Neptune Dreams

Apr 12, 2024

How are you feeling in this Dreamtime with Neptune, the Sun, Saturn and Venus swimming through Pisces as we start a powerful eclipse season?

Venus, our Feminine Nature, our Muse, our Inner Heroine; she is moving through the final, changeable water sign of the Fishes until April 4th.

In Pisces she is "exalted" because this combination brings our hearts in touch with the mystery and this can produce unconditional love and grant us more of the ability to dip into an ocean of compassion and to offer the nectar of care to our beloveds.


In Pisces, Venus's ability to connect gives her the ability to merge with a person, a creature, a star, an object to become more intimate with it.


She is able to connect with the vastness of unity and to know God/Creator/Great Spirit more easily than most.


She is exquisitely sensitive.


The shadow here is that she may have on rose-colored glasses and assume that others carry the goodness that she knows in her heart.


She senses the unseen world and may be attuned to energy, not knowing what is hers and what belong to others. It's likely that she has more paranormal experiences than most.

Her lack of boundaries and discernment may pull those with predatory intentions into her field.

The Venus in Pisces path is learning to walk with an open heart and be discerning, protective of her precious feminine essence, most especially with who she merges with sexually.


Psychic protection and a strong inner masculine who knows how to communicate "NO" will support her to retain her beautiful innocence as she cultivates her wisdom over the years of her life.

If you were born with this combo, an Inner Mars activation may be needed to protect her.


For all of us, we may feel extra sensitive during this time, especially because eclipse season holds some of these same dissolving, between the worlds qualities. It's gonna get deeper before we come out of this soup.


So, go easy and take care. Tend to to the invisible with space clearing, silent time, journaling, gentle detoxing of the body as we move towards the March Equinox.


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