Sun in Libra opposes Chiron in Aries

Oct 03, 2021
Today, the Sun in Libra opposed Chiron in Aries with Mars still close by. See my previous post "The Fury that Hides the Grief" for more on the powerful initiation possible within this period of the Aries-Libra access.
Today, the Sun illuminates our deepest wound of separation - the one that dominator culture loves to feed. It is designed to amplify our shame around feeling separate from Source, God, Holy Mother - feeling orphaned by the pure love that birthed this reality.
This impression may be prenatal and the imprint may echo from lifetimes of incarnating as a mystic, a rebel of heart, a Starseed, a devotee of Truth. You may have a sense that you have been preparing for the great shifts happening now for a long time.
Allow the golden rays of the Sun to expose the truth of your being - your perfection within the duality. Offer yourself compassion for the seemingly impossible task of embodying the fullness of your power and magic in this density.
Can you feel how it's all shifting so quickly? All the healing, letting go, and willingness to confront your shadow has prepared you for what is to come. We can claim our inseparability with Source at any time and in each moment - not in our mind but from within the center of our body, our Hearts.
Mercury in Libra still retrograde makes a positive connection to Jupiter, inviting us to recognize the blessings that are being bestowed, if we are paying attention. It's a subtle one.
Our vision that was seeded in December 2020 has an opportunity to be revised refined, re-imagined with both Mercury and Jupiter retrograde and coming into the last quarter of the seasonal year.
To fulfill these visions we need to link with allies who are committed to co-creation and equal energy exchange. Under these Skies, you may see more clearly who is on your team. The fundamental orientation of a person being a giver or a taker may be revealed. Taking is different than receiving what is freely offering. Receiving is an art that the Sacred Feminine is asking us to master, as part of the resurrection of her principle.
Venus, as the planetary embodiment of the Sacred Feminine, is in her last dance in Scorpio and just made an invigorating connection with Pluto as it is about to go direct. Where is our addiction to control blocking our ability to love deeply and trust our inner knowing?
Where have we had the courage to see the corruption, manipulation and negative magic that hypnotizes us to accept disempowerment and victimhood in the current paradigm?
We may have needed to dive deep into the feeling realm this past month, to revisit the Underworld work we were immersed in from February to May when Venus was invisible, in her secret meeting behind the Sun (relearning immortality).
We know how to purify, transmute and alchemize our life experience within the cauldron of our hearts. Can we allow ourselves to remember what has been lost? Venus is reaching towards the climax of her 19-month cycle. This would be an auspicious time to connect with our forgotten inner wisdom.
If you want to connect with her visually and allow her light into your eyes and then heart, look to the west after sunset. She is dazzling. Allow her beauty to pass from your eyes to your heart. Drop in and feel your body and this celestial being in resonance.
Jupiter is sparkling further to the east. They just completed a 90-degree connection called a square in astrology. If you reach your left arm toward Jupiter and right arm towards Venus, you can still feel this angle in your body and honor the two "benevolent" planets in astrology - the ones who grant wishes, magnetize love and abundance and bring luck.
Speaking of luck, Venus shifts into Sagittarius this next week - the sign of Jupiter's guardianship. Her Evening Star invitation is strong to show up expressing our inspiration, to be seen and receive social feedback. This helps us to fortify the relational wisdom we have cultivated during this time.
We have received major teachings on frequency and how to embody our unique essence. This is key in finding our kindred spirits and re-dreaming the world together. We will not all dream the same dream.
This Libran time, continuing into early November is a time of choosing, one of our lost superpowers. Not from our heads, but from the deeper place in our being that is a portal to the infinite. The place below the waters of our unconscious unites with every other beings' unconscious. The place of our deepest dreaming that is ready to be reclaimed from those who have been spinning nightmares.
With Mercury and Venus in continued synergy, we are supported to understand with concepts and words the irrational, chaotic, fertile, holy mess that is the womb of creation the Cosmic Mother. May those with pure hearts and compassionate intent find each other and remember.

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