Venus Oppose Mars

Nov 08, 2020

Tomorrow, November 9th, is a powerful moment in our journey as we move closer the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. At December Solstice, Saturn and Jupiter will be in a Grand Conjunction in the air sign of Aquarius. This will end a 200 year span of meeting in earth. (The last one was May 2000.) The future will arrive. 

In the mean time, we are in the birth canal with a cosmic assignment to wake up to our potential as master creators so we may recreate reality. When we become intimate with and harmonize our feminine and masculine energy within, we increase our coherence and creative abilities. 

This moment calls for us to claim our unique gifts and maximize our imaginal abilities to re-dream global culture based on love, partnership, equanimity and reverence for nature. 

So, what's going on tomorrow? Venus and Mars oppose each other, each in their home sign that they rule. What does this mean? This pure polarity amplifies each of their expressions and shows us how we can harmonize through opposition. This adds exclamation points to this particular opposition. 

Oppositions are full of tension by nature. When they are held in love, this dynamic teaches us about the potency of being mirrored and clarity through difference. This is key in waking up to more of the truth of who we are. The gift of falling in love with ourselves radiates into our lives. Many call this Sacred Marriage. The gift of a beloved in the real who will honestly and kindly illuminate our patterns is priceless. Many call this consorts or Sacred Partnership.

This face off of Venus and Mars in their home signs hasn't happened since 1941. Their opposition will be exact at 7:55 am PT but the energies are already in play and will be rippling for some time. 

We are currently immersed in the restructuring of reality and the fall of dominator culture, as expressed by the planets gathering in Capricorn that have much talked about this year. Within the Capricorn cluster, Saturn (Teaching through Constriction) is also in its home sign, as Saturn rules Capricorn. We are unraveling the matrix of control and power over that has ruled the planet as far back as our oldest stories. 

This makes three key planets in their home signs: Venus in Libra, Mars in Aries (still retrograde) and Saturn in Capricorn. This particularly configuration hasn't happened since 1783. Not that you needed one more sign to confirm your sense that we are indeed living through an epic time, but there it is. 

With Venus as Morning Star descending towards the Underworld (February 2021) our Sacred Feminine nature is surrendering all that is no longer alive and true to become more intimate with her present time essence as activator of our evolution. She started her cycle in Gemini this summer, the first time since 2012, inviting us to discover the next level of embodying the Solar Feminine on the planet at this time. 

With Mars still retrograde riding through the evening Sky, our Sacred Masculine is receiving an important initiation on  his journey towards healing. He  hasn't been retrograde in his home sign since 1988. With Chiron, the Wounded Healer, also in Aries, we are in a larger cycle of uncovering the root of his pain. So  much revealed during this Mars retrograde. 

How has he/I participated in oppression, blaming, controlling, violating? How can he reconcile his relationship to the Feminine, not just the peace loving Libra kind of feminine but also the wild, chaotic energies of the Dark Feminine, who must be honored for this transformation to become real. 

How can we use our Masculine presence, focus, intent and initiative to support and protect our Feminine, so she can bring her deepest heart longings and offerings to the world? This is a brilliant time to answer this question from within. 

Tomorrow, if you choose to rise early, before dawn, and turn to the East to receive Venus' light in your eyes, you may receive insight into your own heart. When the Sun rises and Venus' light fades, we  receive the light that is coded with Source energy. Sun is the illuminating center and warmth of our world. 

Both Venus and Mars have a primary relationship with Sun in their cyclical dance. This echoes the need for us to unite with Source within as guidance to know our sovereignty. We can then share our love from our wholeness and this changes everything in our relating. 

If you wish to create a ceremony of heart, consider making offerings of fire and water, the two alchemical elements that represent the masculine and feminine. I love offering flowers and songs. Singing, sounding, chanting, moving, writing, painting, earthing are all beautiful options. 

What creative energy will you share to honor the feminine and masculine within? How will you learn from Sacred Other? Can you make some time to mark this step in our journey towards waking up to the truth of our human magic? 

Join us here to participate in the conversation about how to attune to astrology to awaken to our potential to recreate the world. The key is embodying our Sacred Feminine, in partnership with the Masculine. Venus Collective FB group now open to men of heart, and always, visionary women.

Star Blessings, 


p.s. Thanks to Gary Caton for his research on the dates of the last meet up of Venus and Mars in sign and with Saturn in Cap.

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