Venus and Mars Union w/ Vesta Nearby

Mar 01, 2022
On 3/2 we will gather on the New Moon in Pisces for "Nurturing our Devotional Heart with Venus Wisdom" 12 pm Pacific. Let's tune in before the epic meetup of Venus and Mars with Pluto on March 3rd and then their 2nd union at 0˚ Aquarius on March 5th. Vesta nearby gives us some major clues to how to navigate this sacred marriage.
With Capricorn involved (moving quickly to Aquarius) we are being asked to take a stand for future generations. What is ours to do at this time to assist with the manifestation of the positive timeline of the Age of Aquarius - the one that brings humanity's liberation, instead of deeper enslavement?
Venus in the last degrees of Capricorn and closing out four months in this sign reminds us to slow down to feel, to allow ourselves to be in the spaciousness of the unknown, to dissolve the tension of our conditioned reactions, to hold the space for our inner wisdom to be received before we act. We are ancient. Spending time in nature with Venus as Morning Star is exquisite support for remembering our naturalness. Have you been able to get up before dawn and see her?
Venus' union with Vesta illuminates our holy spark, the light that inspires us on our mission. Our inner guidance alone reveals our sacred purpose and it's time to expand it. Our desire invites us on the journey to make it real. If you don't yet know, nurture the spark and have faith the path will be revealed. Pluto in the mix gifts us the power of initiation right at the start of this 19-month quest. What fear stands in the way of us claiming our power and bringing our deep medicine to the world?
Mars can serve our feminine essence and support us to take action from our inner wisdom. How can we protect life as we move through the last gasp of a consumptive, dominator culture that aims to control and divide us? How can we harness the energy of our anger to burn through limitations and find clarity instead of adding to the harm? Mars is strong in Capricorn and can wield a sword of higher truth in Aquarius.
Yet, neither information (Mercury) nor action (Mars) will open the way to the new reality. It is our embodied knowing of the truth of who we are that will show us the new reality, the door of possibility that we have not yet noticed. We must claim our full power as humans now.
Are you seeing how Venus is the golden key into the Age of Aquarius? The revolution is IN.
Vesta is the principle of focused devotion. Vesta's presence here can help us find center during the storm of these transitional times as integrate more of who we are and have always been. In Capricorn and in relation to Venus and Mars, she can help heal the ways our sexuality has shut down due to early experiences of judgment or feeling out of control. We may be able to shed a gnarly layer of the dominator culture from our history and heal early wounds of violation.
In Vesta, I also sense the spirit of woman-to-woman love, both devotional deep sisterhood, as well as romantic. The myth of the Vestal virgins connects to Vesta and the sign of Virgo suggests that women who were "whole unto themselves" and not on the path of marriage enjoyed intimacy with other women. I'm seeing more women choose to be celibate to recalibrate. How and who we love continues to evolve as we attune to our signal and connect with others who share resonance.
"The Greeks portrayed Vesta as the omphalos, navel, or center of the world. As the hearth fire at the center of the home, Vesta provided a gathering place for the family. Likewise, Vesta functions as the center of the psyche, coordinating various facets of the personality." ~ Demetra George, Asteroid Goddesses
How many of us are longing for the fulfillment that comes from gathering around the hearth and sharing our hearts with kin?

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