Venus is Invisible Now: How are you feeling?

May 31, 2020
We are now in Venus' Reset phase because she has disappeared from the Evening Sky. She will be invisible for about 8 days. Have you noticed her gone? How do you feel? How are you doing with learning and flowing with all that is transpiring in the world?

The first night Venus was invisible I lit a 7-day candle. That next evening, protests sparked by George Floyd's killing, arose in the city nearest me. I could hear some explosions and felt the intense energies late into the night. I saw a beautiful, huge moth flying around my house - a night butterfly. I tried to catch her and take her outside but she eluded me. The next morning the candle was out. I went to light it and saw the moth embedded in the wax. I acknowledged her death and relit the candle. This feels symbolic of this moment and this reset time we are in.

This is our final chance to receive lessons around the healing of our deepest intimacy wounds and rebalancing of our masculine and feminine energies from this past cycle. Core issues of sexual violation and betrayal in relationships were opened up for many, as well as a greater understanding of inequality in ourselves and in our relating. Did we learn how to own our truth without weaponizing our hurt?

We started this past cycle on the heels of the Kavannah trial and the #metoo movement caused many celebrities, politicians, and business leaders to step down from their positions, with some facing legal consequences for their violent behavior. This cycle is ending with huge protests across the country highlighting racial inequality and police brutality, in the midst of a global pandemic. We are in a fundamental restructuring of life as we knew it and the core issue is power. Is it power over or power with?

It's a rich time to create some quiet, retreat space to drop in and feel yourself and remember what has moved through your heart in the last 19-months. Even if you can only find an hour, it's precious time. Writing or speaking reflections may help you to recapitulate the time. This one was deep, intense, and life-changing for many. When we close out endings with care, we make space for the new to enter.

On June 3rd, Venus meets Sun in Divine Union and the new cycle begins. This is an ecstatic coming together of heart and eros, body and light, yin and yang. We are about to receive the next level of learning about the return of the Solar Feminine on the planet and how she is the golden key to our future. Venus in Gemini is a very different energy than Venus in Scorpio/Libra and we are between the worlds until then. She will officially start her new cycle when she meets the Sun on June 3rd and then re-emerge as Morning Star around June 9th.

Can we live with a wildly open heart in the face of chaos and uncertainty? Can we be curious in the face of adversity? Can we create friendly, heart-centered connections within our immediate environment and online worlds? Can we dare to play in the face of so much distress as the old world crumbles?

We dove deep this past cycle and we are getting ready to fly high as this next one will take us right through the eye of the needle into the Age of Aquarius on December 21, 2020. June also brings us into eclipse season starting with a full moon lunar eclipse on June 5th in Sagittarius, visible in Eurasia and Africa. We are being invited to shed our righteousness and rigid beliefs and cultivate more openness and ability to consider diverse perspectives.

The June Solstice comes with an annular solar eclipse and is a potent halfway mark of this epic year. In the Buddhist tradition all thoughts, prayers, and intentions are amplified 100,000 times during a solar eclipse. The Moon will not fully cover the Sun, resulting in a "ring of fire" effect, and will be visible from Africa and S. Asia. Whatever part of our chart contains Cancer will receive one last activation to receive the fruit of that transformation.

More on that soon. In the meantime, I'm giving you these upcoming important dates for this month. Even if you don't know what they all mean, you'll know there is an incoming shift. Now is the time to remember or discover self-care practices that help bring us back to the center. Our bonds with other like-minded humans are the nourishment that will keep us connected to our heart visions.

If you are a visionary woman not yet in the Venus Wisdom Collective FB group, please reach out for an invite. If you would like a Venus Initiation session for this new cycle, let's schedule it.

Wishing you wellness, ease, beauty, and sweetness during these turbulent times.

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