Venus in Scorpio wants to be penetrated by Love

Dec 09, 2023

Venus in Scorpio wants to be penetrated by Love, to be taken by the Mystery, to surrender to Union beyond the edge of the known. Beyond safety.

She is the Queen of Transmutation and revels in the pleasure of deepening.

She often feels more than she shows. Her super power is intimacy with velvet deep while knowing when to return to the topside world for air. She may get lost in emotional pain before she masters this.

She has great medicine for healing if you are willing to be naked, to be vulnerable and own your shadow. If you are available for transformation, she is intrigued.

As she matures, she works through jealousy, manipulation, seduction and possessiveness. She learns how to feel her hurt without using it as a weapon. She masters expressing her depths without making anyone wrong. She senses when to dive and when it is time to open to the light and rise like a phoenix.

Her growing up includes owning that she can communicate, "Prove that you love me," and then block any attempts to love her. When she begins to receive the offerings of her Beloved and kin as nourishment, she begins to know the fulfillment of receiving. This takes courage.

Venus in Scorpio hides when she fears her potency. She can avoid being see in her intensity of feeling, which is integral to her Beauty. Yet, she wants to be seen. She wants to be found and to be matched in her potency.

She wants her Beloved to be touched by her ability know the darkness and rise again; to be moved by how she keeps riding the waves to find true power that is forever woven with kindness.

If you are loved by a Venus in Scorpio woman connected to her inner wisdom, you will be stripped of your masks, arrogance, habits and patterns that block your from knowing and expressing your truth.

The strength of her love will challenge you to cross the threshold of Fear and to continuously go DEEPER. You will invited to birth your authentic self again and again. If you love her, be brave and say YES. This is the kind of Union that changes the world.

With Venus in Scorpio through December 29th, we all have more access to the intensity of our feelings and Venus’s medicine in this sign.

We are in a Venus in Leo cycle that is inviting us to claim our sovereignty as creative beings over the manufactured entertainment that diminishes our human genius. We are the bridges between the synthetic dominator timeline and the emerging organic timeline where we will create a new kind of culture of care in harmony with nature.

What is the legacy that you want to leave for our future kin?

In Scorpio, Venus teaches us that in order to experience the full power of our exalted feminine, we must deal with our shadow feminine. She asks us to become aware of what we have avoided because it is taboo. What is hidden holds the keys to reclamation of power.

Scorpio energy holds the frequency of the Underworld and can activate trauma points and especially sexual trauma as it is connected to our genitalia and regenerative powers. We are currently in Venus’s Underworld phase, so this theme is doubled, and then multiplied further through being in the midst of eclipse season.

Venus in Scorpio is Queen of the Underworld. As we gain influence, height, abundance, she asks us, "Is your heart pure? Have you wed your power with kindness? Are you restoring harmony in your relations?” If not, we are not yet embodying the new leadership that this moment is calling us to live.

Venus in Scorpio shows us that we must become intimate with our own feminine aggression to learn the art of transmutation. The secret of the witch, dakini or medicine woman is that the heart is a cauldron that can hold then transform all of our life experiences, liberating the most painful experiences back to pure vitality, gifting us more aliveness.

We have a huge opportunity for breakthroughs in healing our past patterns if we surrender to a cathartic release of all that is not truly us. We can change it if we are willing to fully feel, present time, without the stories of the past that bind us to a specific and well-worn meaning.

Venus in Scorpio detects the bullshit and requires authenticity. She wants to go deep and connect in the waters of what is true - even if it's hard, even if it's painful, even if it's material that scares everyone else. Venus is not nice here. She is real which is a kindness. 

Artist unknown. 

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