Venus in Capricorn: The Sensuality of Manifestation

Jan 26, 2024

Venus in Capricorn knows her sacred "NO" and the art of boundary making. She holds an executive aura. Her power is potent, yet understated. She is dignified.

Her caring is so deeply woven inside of her being, that others may not recognize the sweetness in her Heart and may even see her as emotionally cool. Every step she takes is fueled by her deep care for the community.

Her productivity is an act of Love.

She is secretly super sensitive. She can sometimes come off harshly with others because her standards are high for everyone, including herself. But when others are critical of her or, most especially, do not show respect, she hurts.

Her assignment is to soften into vulnerability and to allow herself to be loved for who she is, not just what she does.

Her greatest edge can be to take time off, to let loose and have fun away from her work life. She may love being on task and the process of making money.

She needs to connect with others and watch her tendency to isolate. Once she is willing to delegate and ask for what she needs and trust others can help, worlds open.

She embodies feminine authority, the pleasure of ambition, the sensuality of manifestation, the power of the heart, the art of conservation. She may have a wry sense of humor.

If you wish to partner with a Venus in Capricorn woman, check your level of commitment. Through the passage of time and increase of trust, she will be willing to show her inner riches and they are magnificent.

In love, she will blossom into her full feeling nature and erotic sensuality, in a solid container.

In business partnerships, she will bring tremendous value when clear expectations, mutual commitment and agreements have been reached.

The Sea Goat brings the sweet nectar of caring from the oceanic depths, up to the mountain top, to build something tangible that serves the coming generations.

I don't usually post celebrity images but this one of actress Faye Dunaway is on point for Venus in Capricorn.

Blessed Venus return to Venus in Capricorns!

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