Venus Direct in Gemini: Creating a New World

Jun 28, 2020
Venus is now direct in Gemini at the beginning of her 19-month cycle that links back to the summer of 2012. She has been visible as Morning Star since around June 9th in the East before dawn.   
Her cycle mirrors the Heroine's journey and we begin anew. The feminine transformation (no matter what sex) is a journey within to discover more of our divine essence and authenticity, which is our truest power.  

Venus' energy at the Morning Star phase is the bold, young, untested feminine with her full confidence intact. She makes an impossible decision and starts out on her quest. She is a beautiful butterfly preparing to take flight.   
Venus represents our heart wisdom and invites us to return to our sacred innocence. We can choose trust even as we integrate our lessons from this past cycle - it was deep and raw for many. Did you write a victorious ending to that last book? If not, pen it now, in your mind and heart, if not on paper.  

Our hearts will be opened in the coming months when we find awe and wonder in the ordinary. We get connected when we notice the holy in the mundane. Being authentically curious about others and asking questions from this place is medicine for all of us. This is a time to release righteousness.  

Our words, tone, and sounds can bring much healing. When we root into kindness we can transmit it through the vibration of our voices. Songs are power tools, no matter how "good" your voice is. Flirting rules.   
Venus in Gemini asks, "Can take a stand every day for time to play? Can we prioritize joy?" Let's be brave and weave pleasure, connection, and celebration into our resistance to the dominator culture that is now falling away.  
During this cycle, we are invited to appreciate the beauty of nature; to notice the divinations crossing our path; to connect with the land and water around us. Find your kindred spirits and build your community. We are wise to become more self-sufficient to weather the big waves of this transition.

Morning Star Venus invites us to feel into the heart's deepest longings and articulate our wild and impossible visions. We are dreaming of the future every day in this home stretch into the Age of Aquarius. We arrive at the final Gateway on December Solstice 2020.  

Let's live and make stories of love and magic that activate ancient prophecies of the unity of all people and miracles realized. Let's create Heaven on Earth.  

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