Venus Crosses Threshold into the Celestial Underworld

Jan 31, 2021
February Continues to Catalyze our Growth 
Venus has disappeared as Morning Star here in Northern California and has entered her Underworld phase.
She shifts into Aquarius tomorrow on February 1st and joins the major activation of planets there. Venus in Aquarius crystallizes our heart energy through holding a vaster perspective and cosmic awareness.
On February 3rd, we move into "Imbolc", the cross-quarter seasonal shift. The word comes from Gaelic and means, "to quicken." Indigenous cultures all over the world celebrated this seasonal marker when the Sun reaches exactly 15 degrees Aquarius.
We are slowing down into the deep so that our brightest heart longings can be stirred, purified, and re-formed with greater lucidity preparing us for our re-emergence in mid-May.
The energies of February will continue to be intense as the old guard of dominator culture clashes with the new guardians stewarding a revolution in consciousness. I anticipate visionaries holding and dreaming the templates of the future will experience a big shift this next month.
Now is an excellent time to know which house in your chart holds Aquarius as that is where these life-changing energies land for you. It's also an excellent time to build in daily time for nourishing your body and connecting to the Earth.
We all have all of the signs in our natal chart. One of our evolutionary assignments is to integrate all twelve into our being. The houses that hold planets are particularly relevant and potent but we "have" all of the signs. Join us in the Venus Wisdom Collective group on FB for more teachings on how to do that.
Aquarius says it is through honoring sovereignty that we dream a sustainable, interconnected culture. 2021 is focused on claiming our sovereignty and genius as human beings. We are invited to work creatively with the tension between our old conditioning and emerging awareness, which will require openness and discernment.
What is truly revolutionary and what is "power over" consciousness wearing groovier clothes?
Venus dives into the Celestial Underworld and shifts into Aquarius on Monday, February 1st. Join me in the Venus Wisdom Collective at 11 am PT for a livestream exploring what this means collectively and personally. Hope you will tune in!!
Venus is our ability to relate, attune, connect, receive and experience pleasure in this body and fulfillment in our lives. Her cycle invites us to keep dropping into our heart to feel. This is the portal to our inner guidance and our greatest truth.
She has been releasing anything that is no longer alive and supportive for her full awakening for the past five months. She now bows to the Great Mystery at another level. This prepares her to receive the secret teachings of regeneration.
These next couple of months are going to be challenging as the symbolic cosmic baby stirs and we prepare for our first real contractions in this process of birthing a new world. I encourage you to screenshot these key dates, save and follow along, even if you don't know what it all means.
Reality is far wilder and more magnificent than we can usually manage and so we make it smaller, safer, domesticate it to assuage our fear of vastness. If we choose to drop the bindings of conditioning and show up with radical presence, we will see new possibilities glistening amidst the ruins of the old order. Let us see with new eyes connected to our caring hearts.
We are being asked to re-dream the world together.

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