Venus at the Lunar Eclipse

May 19, 2022

We are in the heart of eclipse season which opened in mid-April and accelerated change is possible. We have a total lunar eclipse with the Full Moon in Scorpio coming right up at  9:14 pm Pacific.

This is our first eclipse in Scorpio since the North Node shifted to Taurus and the South Node to Scorpio. The North Node is a place of increase and the South Node is a place of decrease. Scorpio energy is not easy as we may face our shadows.

Scorpio is feminine, fixed water governed by Mars, and Taurus is feminine fixed earth governed by Venus. Fixed energy wants to contain to stabilize.

Taurus contains to increase fertility and the birth of something into the physical realm. Scorpio contains to focus on deeper truth that uncovers what is stagnant and no longer viable. Often there is a symbolic death.

With the eclipse near the South Node and in Scorpio, we may experience a particularly cathartic release with this one.

Total eclipses are stronger than partial, yet lunar eclipses are not as strong as solar eclipses. Buddhism teaches that all thoughts, prayers, words, and actions are amplified 10,000 times with a lunar eclipse (100,000 times with a solar.) It’s wise to be aware of our attention and where our energy is focused.

The Moon is in a tense aspect with Saturn in Aquarius - linking whatever is illuminated with our larger vision and our role as change agents for this new age we are entering. Saturn is also connected with this current Venus cycle. We are being asked to develop greater discipline and maturity to actualize our purpose. What we are dreaming of may only be possible when we collaborate with kindred spirits.

Eclipse watching has become quite popular these days. I recommend that you check in with yourself if this is something you want to do. When we view something and take the light into our eyes, we increase the impact. When I learned that traditional cultures did not practice eclipse watching it made sense to me. Personally, I take this time to be internal and do not view eclipses. I encourage you to listen to your own guidance. 

As the Sun in Taurus sets in the west, the Full Moon in Scorpio will rise in the East. I was watching this last night and remembering the power of visibility. I could feel the intensity of the energies of the waxing Moon as it was rising Beautiful and pulling on my attention. I turned to face the west and watch the golden light of the Sun setting in the sign of Taurus.

Venus as the guardian of Taurus holds influence over this eclipse cycle. Right now she is in Aries, the other sign connected to Mars, and close by Chiron, the Wounded Healer, who she met up with earlier in the day. This pair gives us a chance for spontaneous healing, meeting adversity with an open heart, and choosing to love ourselves in the face of the Scorpio shadows that may be revealed.

Mars is still swimming in the sign of Pisces and moving towards his exact meet-up with Neptune, the Great Dreamer in a couple of days. Mars in this sign is the spiritual warrior attuned to the energies of the unseen, in service to the Mystery. This dynamic can soften and diffuse the tension of this Full Moon and confuse which action to take.

Morning Star Venus in Aries in her descent invites us to start again, to be new, to embody innocence. She advises us to stay present to the fire in our hearts and what is wanting to be reborn. We may need to midwife a death first, but the vitality of new life is coming.

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