Jan 01, 2022


“The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear. “
~ Aung San Suu Kyi
The promise of the Age of Aquarius is for humans of heart to re-dream the world through realizing our inherent power, genius, and sovereignty. We have the ability to create a culture based on care, interconnection and reverence for nature while protecting our most vulnerable members. All of these qualities connect to Venus.
We are now creating the template for our human experience for the next 2100 years. When we hold the future generations in our hearts, what kind of world do we want to create? Venus teaches that when we embody love, we can dream a positive future beyond our imagination.
To align with the high vibe version of the Age of Aquarius, a transformation of the dominator consciousness is required. We are rewriting the ancient stories of what it means to be a human being living on this planet. The courage of our hearts can light the way.
Dominator consciousness works through creating fear and lack and preying upon our most fundamental need for connection, nurturing relationships, and a sense of belonging (all Venus themes.) In 2022, more of the collective will assist in transmuting these patterns.
Do you remember last December Solstice when we crossed an energetic bridge deeper into the Age of Aquarius with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0 Aquarius?
These two "social" planets come together every twenty years and represent knowing our life purpose and bringing our gifts to the world, including financial success. We have completed the first year of discovering our unique offering for this new age.
Women bringing their gifts to the world and men attuning to their feeling nature are a huge aspect of healing from a culture that devalues the feminine principle.
The heroine’s journey of Venus supports us in this quest to know and live from our sacred purpose. A new journey is imminent.
This December Solstice we celebrated amidst the intensity of the last ripples of a solar eclipse, the tension of the build-up of the final Saturn-Uranus square on December 23rd, and the intensity of Venus meeting up with Pluto, the Great Transformer on the 25th. The purification of fear and control is still amped up to prepare us to embody more of our power in 2022.
Today, the Moon meets the Sun in Capricorn for our first New Moon. Tomorrow, on January 3rd, Venus meets the Moon in Capricorn for our first New Venus Portal of 2022. This is their last visible meeting in the Evening Sky.
We are in the final days of Venus as Evening Star and, if you are lucky, you may be able to catch the celestial bodies representing the lunar and solar feminine in the west at sunset tonight or tomorrow.
Venus will unite with the Sun in Capricorn on January 8th, invisible to us, and plant the seeds of our next 19-month cycle heart initiation. Her cycle guides us through another heroine’s journey to quest for more aliveness, truth and power. This entire cycle will be infused with the energy of Capricorn and themes of feminine empowerment.
The sign of Capricorn and the planet Saturn have come to represent the shadow aspects of scarcity, fear and control and the dynamic of “power over'' that rules through the use of force.
Capricorn is initiating, feminine earth energy of social responsibility and leadership, so it’s quite a reversal that this sign is associated with patriarchy.
The energy of Venus in Capricorn will seed the next 19-months and inspire us to remember the positive manifestation of Capricorn consciousness.
We will all be called into greater maturity and to live from our deeper, embodied wisdom, as opposed to disassociating into virtual reality.
It’s time to take full responsibility for our lives and the ways we are still feeding the dominator culture and the dying paradigm. It’s time to remember the art of conservation that our ancestors knew and to become more self-sufficient locally in connection with our chosen community.
How we navigate the heightened fear that accompanies this level of change matters more than ever. When we anchor in our heart wisdom, we find the strength to move through these times powerfully.
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