The Sun Moved Into Libra

Sep 13, 2020
The Sun moved into Libra on September Equinox ushering in the last season before the Age of Aquarius dawns on December Solstice, 2020. Sun, as Source energy, moves through the signs and illuminates the differential expression of consciousness.
Libra season connects to Venus and relationships and invites us to live in greater balance through equanimity. How can we tend to both our needs and others to create mutually beneficial solutions? How can we increase self-knowing by bringing awareness to our habit of projecting our reality onto others? The balance of masculine and feminine energies within offer us greater coherence during these turbulent times. 
We are in a climax of the restructuring of the dominator culture; catalyzing us to wake up to our full potential, to understand greater truth, and to re-envision global culture. We are now dreaming of the future. Can we come together to create a society rooted in care for each other and reverence for organic life on Earth?
Saturn, the Taskmaster, Teacher through Limitations, goes direct on the 28th. We are supported to move forward in areas where we have claimed more of our authority.  Are you feeling the pressure? Are you feeling the possibility of creating a new reality? 
Humanity is being called to bring forth our inner wisdom and know our magnificence. Venus as Morning Star guides us into our heart knowing through January. 
Currently, in the Sky, Venus as the Feminine Principle and Mars as the Masculine Principle is harmonizing with each other through Tuesday morning. This movement is the resolution to their tense aspect that occurred in early June. Were you shown what was out of balance in your relating? Were you inspired to take action to change it? 
The current cycle of Venus and Mars began in August of 2019 in the sign of Virgo (5 degrees). Under this influence, relationships will thrive when partners work diligently to understand unconscious patterns and are in service to helping each other to heal. Devotion opens the way. 
Awakening beloveds aligned with the path of the Sacred Union can activate a new vision of relating that will become more available to the human family. Together, they have the ability to amplify Love, to embody the energies of reverence and appreciation, to amplify goodness and anchor it in our mundane reality. 
These kinds of relationships break the rules and change the game because they can swiftly transform ancient conditioned patterns of separation. This kind of relating is dangerous to the dominator system of control because it can swiftly produce liberation.
Venus is finishing out her last week in the sign of Leo, shining as Morning Star and inviting us into creativity and to bodily express our love. She will move into the sign of Virgo on October 2nd and meet up with the royal star, Regulus, on October 3rd. 
Venus teaches us about the emergence of the Solar Feminine that has been unfolding since 2012. This new energy is available to all of us, although females are the pioneers in discovering the power of this new frequency. We are learning or remembering how to commune with the Mystery within our physical existence and embody more light during this time of rapid evolution. How can we stay open and receptive while having an agency? Are we willing to courageously trust our heart’s intelligence? 
The Solar Feminine is always and forever in partnership with the Masculine. Venus begins her cycle while making love to the Sun and receiving the blessing of his light. She then embarks upon a 19-month Heroine's journey to learn the feminine mysteries of Life, Death, and Rebirth. When we hear the call and say yes, we have the chance to deepen our inner knowing and live more fully from the truth of who we are. (The current Venus in Gemini cycle began June 3, 2020.)
A woman embodying the Solar Feminine is always in union with her own heart, the portal where she connects to Source, the merging of heart and light, through her body. She may choose to surrender deeply to her partner, to let go of control, to allow herself to be guided into places where only another can take her. The Feminine wants to surrender, to receive, and be lovingly guided into places unknown to her. Yet, she never loses connection with her own heart guidance. She never gives up her connection to Source within her own heart. 
When her partner is also connected to Source, this process is amplified. The Sacred Feminine can receive massive healing of wounds of violation and disempowerment. This union can also heal the Sacred Masculine's wounds of impotence and the pain stemming from the ways the world has diminished his agency. This gift can bless his world and wake up his true power. 
Mars has his own 2-year Hero's Journey that supports the Masculine to claim his role as Warrior and Protector. He can learn how to slay the demons that the toxic dominator culture planted in his consciousness, to revere the feminine, to come home to the power of love, and to protect what is most precious and vulnerable in his family and in the community. 
Mars is potent now in his home sign of Aries, retrograde, almost at the brightest part of his cycle, rising in the late evening. Mars (Assertion) is in a tense aspect with Saturn (Limitation) activates frustration. You may need to dig deeper to know and own what you want and how to take your next step. Patterns of aggression including rejection may arise. Power struggles with authority best avoided under these Skies. Focus on your heart energy. 
The path of Sacred Marriage is key to the spiritual awakening on the planet. We can practice if we are single and have not yet connected with our beloved or in partnership. Many are choosing to the deep inner work by themselves to open the way for a new quality of relating. If you are walking this path with another, you are forging new territory. Protect your union and know that interferences will arise. Be prepared. Know you will be tested. Root into love through your body again and again. Stay true to your inner guidance and be aware of projections onto your Beloved.
If you wish for cosmic support, wake up early and greet Venus before dawn. Drop your busy mind, come into your body, and feel your heart. Go slower to go deeper. What guidance is waiting to be received? Stay and watch the sunrise. Notice how Venus fades into the light. Seek out Mars in the evening. He is becoming the brightest light. Feel the difference between the energy of Venus, Sun, and Mars - all reflections of our universe within, calling us home. 
Are you willing to release what not supporting you from living from your wild truth, step into the unknown and discover who you are becoming now? 

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