The Power of the Feminine to Heal the World

Feb 01, 2022

Today our radiant Sun reaches 15˚ degrees of Aquarius marking the halfway point between December Solstice and March Equinox. And Mercury is direct at 8:12pm Pacific!

As you may be feeling, we are in a time of increased potency. We just completed the second day of the second month of 2022. The number 2 is rich with the power of partnership and harmonizing to create something magnificent. 

On 2-2-22 we were given notice that cosmic forces are aligning to teach us about unification. What will happen when we learn to unite and claim our love of life, liberty and happiness?

Hmmm…more on this tomorrow. 

There are a plethora of holidays celebrated at this time including the Chinese New Year this month and the Tibetan next month. Both honor the entry into a Water Tiger year - a supremely feminine energy. 

Are you inspired to honor the turn of the wheel? Aquarius encourages us to find original ways to honor seasonal transitions. Our usual holiday celebrations may fall away as we align more deeply with our uniqueness. You may want to experiment.

Aquarius is the sign of the Revolutionary. And there is lots of rebellion in the air with Venus blazing as Morning Star, now direct, and still in a trine with Uranus, also in fresh forward motion. 

Mars joined Venus in Capricorn in late January and is extra strong there. He is also out of bounds from January 15th - to February 10th, which means the masculine principle is acting in unexpected ways. 

Venus, the planet that represents the feminine principle or, internal desires, and Mars, the planet that represents the masculine principle or, outward actions, are preparing to journey within one degree of each for two weeks.

Capricorn is the sign linked with rulers and empire builders in its distorted dominator version. Yet it is an earthy, initiating feminine sign of social responsibility and leadership. Are we ready to heal our relationship to dominator authorities that appear to have the power we lack? 

We are seeing massive movements protesting the decisions of governmental leaders. In January mass protests continued in France, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Norway, and Sweden. These were largely ignored by the mainstream news. As censorship increases, people are finding alternative avenues for communicating and sharing news on the ground. There is a growing sense of a unified global movement for change. 

In Canada, something extraordinary is unfolding as thousands of truckers drove across the country and are now parked in the capital. Some reports indicate as many as 50,000  are on the ground in Ottawa.

Footage of people lining the roads and overpasses in the bitter cold, cheering the truckers on as heroes have gone viral. The truckers convoy sparked other movements across the world. Some provinces and countries are now announcing that they will end all restrictions and lockdowns.

There is also pushback as some question the motives of protestors who state they are standing for freedom and wish to end the mandates that have been particularly harsh in Canada. Are the accusations of racism true or was there a deliberate attempt to tarnish a movement? 

I wonder if Mars out of bounds is inspiring working-class men to take the lead in reclaiming power from authorities. Pluto has been exposing the corruption of governments and corporations since 2008 and will continue to reveal tyranny. When they meet up at the end of February, Venus is right there, helping to heal the division that feeds our disempowerment. 

How is the masculine supporting the resurrection of the feminine principle as protector of our families, communities, and bodily autonomy? Mothers have been leading a movement to retain their parental rights. They have been largely ignored, shut out, and slandered by officials who passed laws bypassing their parental authority. Are we seeing the tide turn as more men awaken to their role in this great turning? 

This time of tumult is not a surprise as we move deeper into the Age of Aquarius. We are all learning to become sovereign beings, listen to our inner guidance and discern truth from lies. We are being activated by our sacred purpose as the old structures fall away and the new structures are not yet in place. The future seems wildly unknowable. 

Venus invites us to attune to our own signal while respecting others' choices. The Age of Aquarius is the time for humanity to claim ourselves as sovereign beings. Venus asks, “Can we treat those who disagree with us and have different beliefs with humanity?” No one wants to be treated like a vector or a sheep. 

When we unify these two energies of Mars and Venus, within and without, we unleash a potency of love that is beyond our imagination. When we embody this and link with others doing the same, we are unstoppable. 

If you go out before dawn and look to the east you can see Venus rising like liquid fire. Drop into the sweet silence and feel the wisdom within. The Solar Feminine is rising in each of us.

Do you feel the call to be initiated into a deeper relationship with your Feminine Essence and to share that magic with other women? 

Doors are now open for enrolment for HEROINE: Journey of Awakened Heart, the next 15-month journey with the Venus in Capricorn cycle.

If you feel the power of the feminine principle to help heal the world, if you are burning to birth something of beauty, light and power into the world, you may wish to join us. 

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