The Power of Love to Create a New Reality

Jun 30, 2021

Are you feeling the movement of Mars in fiery Leo moving towards his initiation with his opposition to Saturn and square to Revolutionary Uranus? (exact Wednesday, 6/30).

Our hot creative urge meets the cool, stern teacher of limitation, quirky in Aquarius, retrograde and in tension with the cosmic liberating energy of Uranus, bringing that wisdom into our bodies and consciousness of earth in the sign of Taurus.

Then it's Venus turn, passionate in Leo facing off with potentially critical Saturn (imploring her to remember her lessons from the Underworld about not giving away her power to external expertise) and also in tense aspect to Uranus (exact next Wednesday 7/6). This opens her initiation into claiming greater authority of the beauty way as an expression of her heart's wisdom and activates her role as Queen of Rebellion during this turbulent time.

As you know, I believe intimacy with the Venus cycle is the golden key to embodying our deepest truth (we are powerful beyond measure) as the dominator culture dies and a new culture of interconnection and care is born.

Venus catches up with Mars on July 13th at 19˚ Leo planting a potent seed of creative potential in their sacred union. They will be visible together in the evening sky with the Moon on July 12th at the New Venus Portal in Leo - WOW!!!

How different this meeting is than the last time they met in August of 2019 in the sign of Virgo when Venus was in the Underworld and "hanging on the hook", so to speak. In this space, there was no relying on her external beauty or charm to magnetize her beloved. Stripped of all identities, her only power was her essence - naked and vulnerable. The real of her exposed. And Mars was called to go deeper than objectification and any ideas of beauty, attractiveness and sexuality to move towards her in pure love. We have been in this energetic for almost two years.

Those in deep relatedness with another have been called to task to truly do the "work" of awakening to their sovereignty and align with their sacred to service to the world, gaining understanding of how their relationship can also SERVE others and bring more healing at this critical time. I have heard feedback that it has been a most challenging time to be in a committed partnership and many have dissolved unions that could not pass the refining requirements of Virgo in the Underworld energies.

Venus then passes him and enters into Virgo, the sign of the Priestess/Healer, first, on July 21st. Mars catches up with her in Virgo on July 29th. Together, they ride through Virgo and commit their union to service, to stewardship of nature, to center in their own wholeness and connection to Source, even as they merge deeper into the magic of two birthing the infinite. Partnered or not, humans who have sustained their connection with their spark of creative fire and who have stayed open to their natural LOVE of sharing this with another intimately, may find that something big shifts in their desire to find new beginnings in sacred relating.

Do you remember which houses in your chart hold Leo, Aquarius, Taurus? These are the areas of life that will be engaged during this next turn of the wheel as we move past peak of light/peak of dark into the next season that will take us to the equality of Equinox.

What do Leo, Aquarius and Taurus have in common?
Yes, they are each "fixed" expressions of their element.
Taurus is fixed earth.
Leo is fixed fire.
Aquarius is fixed air.
The job of fixed signs is to stabilize and they can be the most stubborn to achieve the sameness that feeds stability. These signs represent the sacred cross quarter holy days of Beltaine, Lammas, Samhain (Scorpio is the missing player in our July activation) and Imbolc. These names are from the ancient Celtic lineage, adopted by modern witches. These turnings halfway in between the Solstices and the Equinoxes marked the transformational power of fire. The stories speak of bonfires, celebrations and young couples ritually leaping over sacred fire and then making love in the fields to ensure a good harvest. These portals of the seasonal year have been honored likely by every indigenous tradition.

Yet, the Sky Story is all about disrupting the status quo and finding new stability in the not knowing of the present moment - like stepping off a cliff and trusting the ground beneath our feet will somehow appear or a magical tightrope or a tree branch in the right place.

These initiations will be potent and we may see more sparks of revolution in the world. From everything I am attuning to I sense we will see a huge economic shift in the next six months, unlike anything we have lived through. An abundant harvest may mean more to us in the coming years than we ever imagined. I feel it is wise to be collecting seeds, planting our own gardens or collaborating with others to grow food, becoming intimate with our water sources, our basic needs and most of all, our kindred spirits of heart, close enough to us that we could drive or bicycle to each other if systems go down for a while.

May all rebels of heart remember the beauty of creating and find the grace to allow the dying paradigm to pass, investing in the new vision and taking a stand for love when necessary. Blessings on our way forward!

This song was unearthed as Everest and we were clearing out old boxes of art, memories, photos in our quest to shed what is not needed to carry forward and create space for the new in our home. I used to listen to Goddess Alchemy Project a lot. This song really touches my being in reflecting the power of these times and the deep yearning for the masculine and feminine to connect, first in our being, and in intimacy with others.

We were designed to live in a rich and diverse community pulsing with the rhythm of interconnectedness with kin and all life. 🌟🙏🔥🌹


Listen to the rhythms
Listen for the sounds that resound
Between the spaces where the beat meets the streets and the heart finds the drum and the symphony is one tapestry and the sound becomes one
Rhythm connecting every moment to this now
Listen to the cries of broken-hearted mothers and frozen-hearted fathers searching for a meeting place
Listen for the lost incantations composed beneath the surface and scripted to return
Listen to the sounds of new souls birthing and babies becoming of them
Listen for the missing ingredients and finish the recipes just by listening to the source of your soul that is screaming to you to slow down and remember you are divine
A blueprint of perfect information, a reflection of culminated magic on the precipice of extinction resurrect your breath
Listen to the heaving of your own chest breathing leaving a motion alive in the air to resonate
Listen to the orchestration of every interconnected gesture creating the canvas upon which we dream ourselves into being
Listen for the lyrics between the lines of the words you think your hearing and let go
Allow yourself to feel the flow pulsing within your veins
Connecting you with every being on this planet
Your arteries are mirrored reflections of the watersheds of this earth
The ratio of water in your body is an exact replication of the ratio of water to land on this planet (Pachamama)we
Our tears are the waters of the ocean, our wombs are filled with this same water
This water forms crystals when spoken to softly,
How are you speaking?
Communication celebration education healing
Listen to all of these seemingly separate sounds and witness this symphony forms one tapestry, you are a weaver of this fabric that needs the harmony of we to be
You are profoundly blessed
To the silent prophecies they don’t want us to hear
If...We are the ones we have been waiting for
(Why Wait?)
Wait no more

Image: Tarot St. Croix, Lovers card

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