The Holy Balance of the Feminine and Masculine

Jul 05, 2020
As you know the feminine and masculine energies on the planet are in a deep healing process. This Primal Pair within us is always and forever connected. When we do not live this, we experience a distortion in our relationship with ourselves and others.

We are now breaking the spell of the dominator culture that has created victim/perpetrator dynamics within and without. Yin and Yang exist in all humans regardless of sex - this is key to our creative magic. Yet, we have not realized or remembered our full potential and much is at stake if we continue living this distortion.

In modern culture, we lack initiation rites for either men or women to better understand the magnificence of these energies within. It would be an act of kindness to support each other in understanding what natural, original humans knew about balancing our own energies. The future needs us to remember how to be whole, sovereign beings.

I saw this great purging and healing of feminine and masculine coming in early 2018 when Chiron went into Aries (Primal Masculine) and Uranus went into Taurus (Primal Feminine) within a month. Both the planet, Uranus, and the minor planet/comet, Chiron represent transformational forces.

Then, in late October, Uranus winked at Venus, our Sacred Feminine, visible to the naked eye and directly across the Sky from her Divine Union meet up with the Sun. This was right when she started her new cycle. You know, the one we just ended in June that was all about balancing the masculine and feminine - touching our deepest wounds of violation in intimacy and speaking our truth without weaponizing our pain? Hmm...

Uranus and Chiron will remain in these signs until 2026. So we have some time yet this rebalancing is important for the future world we are creating now. It may be true that we are in a critical period to turn the tide between now and the end of the year. Once we enter into the Age of Aquarius (which connects to Uranus), life will not be like it was before we crossed that threshold. I feel an energetic door shutting. We are choosing whether we will continue as natural humans or sacrifice our environment and bodies for "progress" and technology. As a collective, we will need to acknowledge in our healing how the virtual world of image, sex, and pornography has distorted our inner balance more than ever.

Uranus is Revolution. The unexpected wild card of cosmic energy shifting us towards liberation. Not always comfortable but - freedom! Taurus is the most slowed, down sensuous, primal feminine Earth sign, connected to Venus. The fertility of the female body. Right now, the revolution is in the soma, the body, the senses, our cellular knowing, our feminine nature. There is stability in the wildness of our bodies. Are you listening? The resurrection of the feminine must occur for us to fully realize our humanity. And we need our full humanity now and for what's coming. Honor her within and without. Come home to your body before sharing it with another.

Chiron is the "wounded healer", our deepest pain of separation that ultimately cracks us open to God, the Mystery, the knowing of joy beyond duality. Chiron points to our unique "medicine" we can embody when we face our hurt, get vulnerable, and allow ourselves to die to who we were in order to be reborn into more of our authenticity. In Aries, Chiron shows how the masculine nature has felt impotent, disconnected from his raw power, anger, ability to effect change, to be fully alive, and to claim what he wants, regardless of the pressures from others.

I wondered if we may see a lot more men talking about and healing their original circumcision wound under these Skies. I have not noticed that yet - have you? However, we are seeing recently how this wound continues to play out for some in distorted sexual relations between men and women, with women being treated as objects, not holy companions. There is so much collective pain and anger rippling right now.

Mars in Aries will amplify anger through the end of the year and emphasize the raw masculine energy. We are being asked to find the creative power of conflict. The wound of the Masculine is particularly amplified at this time because Mars in the Sky is right with Chiron in Aries showing us this ancient wound of disempowerment, disassociation between sex and heart, and the resulting abuse of male power stemming from disconnection.

Venus started a new 19-month cycle in June and is now at her brightest in the Morning Sky in the sign of Gemini. She is strong now, inviting us to embody our innocence, integrate Mind and Heart, and to tell a new story of the feminine - one where the heart can lead and the Feminine and Masculine are dancing as twins. How can we use our voice in service to love?

What if our sexual response was tied to our level of care for the person we are being sexual with? What if their well being was more important than our pleasure? What if we allowed our heart to break at how many beautiful humans missed each other in this sacred act of intimacy because of their own trauma and wounding? The tears could clear the way for a new reality where all sex is holy and nobody is objectified.

Perhaps when men honor their feminine, we cannot disconnect from the heart of the being we are being intimate with. Maybe we experience connection as an amplification of sexual desire. Perhaps when women honor their masculinity, we cannot allow our bodies to be objects in sexual relations. Maybe we are more able to find our boundary and say NO - no more. All of this applies to every variation of intimacy between two people - women to women, men to men, women to men. The two primal energies live within us all.

How can we find forgiveness within and take TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY (hello Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn) for the ways we have perpetuated the dynamics of "power over", victim and abuser? What would it be like for those who have done harm to not wait to get "called out" by those who they have hurt, but to step forward, own their mistakes, and pledge to honor the sacred balance? How can we do this without making ourselves and others ashamed and wrong? Can we get vulnerable enough to feel the pain of what we have created participating in this dynamic? Can we call out for a new vision of relating, one where we all win?

By acknowledging the dynamics of the distorted masculine and feminine and how we have as individuals played into them I am in no way invalidating the stories of women who have come forward with their stories of sexual mistreatment, most recently from two well-known astrology teachers and multiple musicians. I support all those who have the courage to come forward and share their story and reflect where men (or women) with power have abused it. I believe part of the healing is to hear the voices of women and the truth of how the feminine nature expressed through women has been abused. By looking at what has been going on below the radar and holding those with power accountable, we begin the healing process and open the possibility of truly living a new paradigm.

We are in an intensified portal of future creation between now and December Solstice. Let's use every breath, song, and word to reweave the story of intimacy to be one of honor, pleasure, love, and soul-to-soul reflection.

What can we do today to restore the balance of the Universe?

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