The Heartbreak of the Heroine…

Feb 19, 2021
Everyone loves to praise the heroine, but not many are with her through the struggle.
Everyone wants to celebrate her and be there to bask in the glory of her accomplishments, but not everyone could withstand the fire it took for her to get there.
Everyone wants to be her until they sit with the deep feeling of emptiness that comes from the sacrifices made to get her there.
This is the deep heart truth and heartbreak of the heroine spirit.
It’s the part you feel from the heroine's journey that allows you to celebrate her so deeply, yet few have the guts to shine the light on.
It isn’t fun, pretty, or what we want to talk about.
We all want to focus on and remember the triumphs…
The heroine knows and feels all it took to get her there.
In this way, the heroine's journey is a beautiful contradiction.
Filled with so much grace and heart, yet with a fighting spirit that’s doing all the work.
This is a wake up call for the heroines…
Letting go of the fight will NOT lead to less success.
It will not destroy that part of you that allows you to succeed.
You cling to it because you’re afraid of becoming less than the powerful, successful woman you’ve trained yourself to be.
The heroine with an awakened heart understands she can still succeed without the exhaustion of the fight. She can still be the heroine of her life without the accompanying heartbreak.
Venus wisdom teaches us how.
Let Venus wisdom guide you....
Use the astrology of Venus to bring more ease into your goals by knowing exactly how this powerful energy impacts your life.
Learn to trust the feminine and excavate its power when you need it.
Don’t lose your edge and rebel heart while creating space to truly rest, relax, and let go.
Experience more wealth with less work as you unlock the true gifts of the heroine heart.
The heroine in 2021 does things differently.
Let go of the heartbreak and shine in the full light of your success.
Awakening the Heroine’s Heart 11-month journey for creative and visionary women begins Feb 26th.
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