The Fires of Truth and Forgiveness as Liberation

Dec 16, 2020

On the other side of the total solar eclipse in Sag, we integrate the truth that was revealed into our growing wholeness. It may have surprised you. What are you synthesizing now?

Today, Venus, Our Feminine Essence, shifted into Sagittarius and Chiron, The Wounded Healer, goes direct (not until 2:17 pm PT.) This combination highlights the sacred power of a heart broken-open through the fire of love.

Allowing our truth to be fully received in our body and releasing the pain of our wounds is alive and potently present now.

Great Spirit says, "Let it Burn!"

Who wronged you and how is it showing up now? What are you still carrying from that experience? Where in your being do you "catch" in a reaction when you think of her or him? Feelings that come from being rejected, betrayed, discarded or missed can be transmuted in the fires of love.

Allowing ourselves to be opened by the pain of our old hurts is a ninja move in our quest for greater coherence. As Rumi says, "The wound is where the light gets in."

In the Catholic tradition, there is the image of the sacred heart. David Richo explains in “The Sacred Heart of the World,”: “Our heart is the soft center of the egoless self and it has one desire: to open. The heart is the capacity to open.… (It) shows us how deep we really are, how vast our potential for love, how high our aspiration for the light.”

Once we open and the light is in, we can allow the energy to move all the way through, to release what is no longer vital and to create a new story from the ashes of the pain. We can use this energy to resurrect our knowing of our true nature, shining victoriously in the face of negative forces. We are powerfully resilient.

Forgiveness, in its exalted form, frees us from the bindings of that person, hurtful situation and story. This kind of forgiveness does not excuse abusive behavior or condone harm that was done. We can turn towards forgiveness without abandoning our reality that we were harmed. Love can hold all of it.

We are then able to move into the future in a new way. This is an extraordinary time for seeding the future with what we want to create. Every movement towards creating a positive future will ripple far now.

I have been personally working with forgiveness through writing down the stories of hurt and burning them in the fire at night.
As they burn, I invoke my inner Protector and hold my Innocent One close. I feel the emotional pain as fully as I am able, accept the hurt with kindness while releasing the person who caused the hurt.

I trust of the natural law of justice and that each of us will learn our lessons in our own time. In most situations, we cannot deliver that justice, even if we were able to do so with complete integrity.

I also acknowledge any harm that I did in the situation. I wish for them to awaken to their own loving nature. Then imagine a future timeline where they are authentically apologizing to me for their harm. I receive it and be sure my Innocent One is present.

I imagine and feel the cords release from these people and past situations. I welcome the freedom and the gradual increase in neutrality when they come into my awareness. If I am able to share my experience with a trusted friend from that place, it helps anchor the new story.

We are the alchemist changing the lead of our suffering into the gold of awakening. Through this kind of sacred engagement, we are unifying polarities of right/wrong, light/dark, life/death, love/separation, to create something new within us.

We will not forget but we can forgive. We can honor the lessons we learned from these hurtful incidents, see them as catalysts in this initiation into our more authentic, multidimensional self. This does not mean we deserved the harm.

Humans are magnificent. We have the ability to transform with our bodies and heart. We don't need to deny or bypass the pain. We can use it as fuel.

What are your practices to engage with your wounds and transmute your pain into a wisdom story? How do you stand in the center of your life and edify yourself as Heroine/Hero on your path of heart?

Sending you fierce, tender, fiery love for all your efforts to grow, heal and remember yourself as inseparable from the Divine energies of Creation. We are re-dreaming the world together.

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