Straight to the Heart

Sep 06, 2020
Straight to the Heart ~ Embodying Love
Venus meets Moon in Leo tomorrow morning for the 2nd Gate of Descent in this Venus in Gemini Cycle that began June 3rd. The first Gate focused on releasing beliefs, ideas, and conditioned patterns from our head center that don't serve us on our Heroine's Journey of deepening into our truest self. 
This Gate drops us into the passionate fires of the heart. Venus in Leo carries the tone of the Solar Feminine that is being resurrected on the planet at this time of upheaval. This Gate is a significant one. We have an opportunity to purify what blocks us from feeling and expressing our love; possibly releasing arrogance, artificial pride, entitlement, vanity, or any other distortions that keep us trapped in separation. 
We can plant the seeds for a new level of harmony, joy, pleasure, and mutual support and adoration between our primal, sacred feminine and masculine energies, alive in each of us. 
Venus and Moon meet up exactly at 11:54 pm PT, as I write this. I have started attuning to the Venus/Moon Gates as starting points for the month. This doorway includes both the emerging solar feminine (Venus) and the receding lunar feminine (Moon) that are key players in the shift into the Age of Aquarius. I'm calling it the "New Venus Portal" and referencing it as I did the new Moon. 
If you have clear skies and are up before dawn, you can receive the direct transmission of Moon and Venus in the Morning Sky. I encourage bringing offerings of some kind. Songs and sound are particularly aligned for the Venus in Gemini cycle. When we drop into our bodies, find our softness, connect to the Earth, and open, we can receive beautiful reflections of what is moving through our hearts. 
This is a beautiful time for prayers and to hold in compassion all beings suffering from fire and smoke. If you take pictures, please share with those of us who cannot see the sky right now. It's a particularly powerful time to note how the initiating, doing part of you is supporting the vulnerable, attuning, receptive part of you. Mars and Venus, respectively. 
If you wish to sync with Venus, I invite you to experiment with opening up your month now, instead of with the new Moon in Virgo on  September 17th, and see how it feels and how it unfolds. 
I noticed when I shifted from cycling with the Moon to syncing with the Venus cycle, I was less emotionally reactive in general and less overwhelmed at the full Moon. As a sensitive being, this has been highly supportive of staying in center and neutrality. 
The "Peak Venus Portal" will take place this month when Venus in Leo is opposed to the Moon on September 27th, 10:01 pm PT at 24 degrees Leo/Aquarius. Mars and Venus will be in a fire trine supporting transformation in how these energies relate within us, which can have a positive impact on our relating of all kinds. 
The Solar Feminine embodies pure love and awareness of partnering partnership with the Sacred Masculine. When we unite from our hearts, we tap into a potency to change the direction of humanity. Life is calling out for us to remember our creative potency when we relate from love. 

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