Scorpio Truth

Oct 14, 2020

Beautiful Being ~

How are you doing during this wild ride? 

This is a time of great revealing of hidden structures of reality and seeing people for truly who they are and what they are choosing. The cosmos is calling us to see, feel and serve with purity. 

With Mercury (Mind) retrograde in the sign of Scorpio (the Power of Transformation) it's going to get clearer as we go deeper into our perceptions -including our gut instincts and psychic perceptions. Seeing and feeling are intimately supporting each other for the next three weeks to gain greater clarity on our truth and what is happening in our shared reality. 

Part of this seeing is recognizing other beings who are willing to acknowledge the subterranean currents driving our conscious behavior. This requires radical honesty and loving reflections of each other to see what we do and own our deeper unconscious messages and energy we transmit. The unmasking of our egoic patterns will always be uncomfortable and catalyze our growth. Relationships where both people have done the work to know themselves and respectfully reflect another's patterns are true gifts at this time. 

When people are not willing to own their unconscious behavior, we don't need to keep engaging. That could be a huge drain at this time. If you are a being influenced by Underworld, Pluto, Scorpio energies (whether you understand the astrology or not), you have always noticed and felt the underlying power dynamics and manipulations, that no one wanted to discuss or bring to the light. You may have been attacked and scapegoated when you revealed this truth of what you saw and felt, especially if you were a child. People you relied upon may have gone into defense and denial and that may have been confusing. It's important now to honor your deep seeing/feeling/knowing gifts and trust yourself. 

We can connect with the Sacred Feminine energies of the Earth to help us strengthen our inner mothering energy and better tend to the trauma of the innocent Child within. With Venus in Virgo, our wise cosmic sister, is resonating with Earth and helping us receive the unconditional love from her. We can express our love through ordinary acts arising from devotion the details of exactly how we may tangibly help another.

Being of service is an art and most of us have not had mentorship in it. We must first regulate and hold oneself so that we are able to show up for another in a way that matches what they are actually needing. This requires a high level of interest and awareness grounded into practical and appropriate solutions for that person and situation. (The astrology of this is Venus in Virgo approaching her opposition to Neptune in Pisces activates the possibility of acts of service done with devotion connecting us with Divine Unconditional Love = God)

Years ago when I when I was trained to co-create service-learning experiences with youth, the first part of the process was always assessing the community to discover what was needed, instead of rushing in with our pre-conceived notions and neurotic desire to fix. Always, we began with questions and observations of the people, followed by discussion to identify the need and then strategy around what resources we had that could serve that need. Consent and buy in of those receiving service was essential. Charity consciousness has a residue and it does not feel nourishing to receive it. Embodying the pure spirit of service is an incredible art. 

These epic times are calling for us to learn how to serve each other with impeccable attunement and pure hearts. We are also being invited to receive more of what we have needed from those loving us, which heals our trauma from being missed. One of these may be harder than another for you, and we are being asked to strengthen our ability to do all of it - attune, give, receive and heal. 

With these influences, many of us will need to move through fear to see truth and fear that arises when we do. Fear is not a problem itself, it's the reaction to fear that can take us off track. Yes, this time is is a test of all of our practices we have cultivated over the years. We have been preparing our whole life for the transition we are currently in. 

Scorpio teaches us that the transmutation of fear is fuel on our journey of awakening.  I often think of Starhawks' quote, "Where there is fear, there is power". Staying in our center, in our bodies, connected to our inner knowing provides a safe container for us to receive the truth of our experience, no matter what that is. Pure fear without story invigorates us to evolve past our conditioning. 

When we build containers of love and trust in our relationships, we increase our capacity to receive reflections of greater truth about what we are doing and there is less struggle in "dying" to who we have been or thought we were. Receiving feedback that penetrates and exposes our ego defense is not easy. It's the quick path to realizing our full potential. Find those that want to play at that level. 

Venus in Gemini reminds us, that from one perspective, in this multiplicity, this is indeed a game and goodness has already won. Even though it feels intense here in this birth canal moment, humans are on the brink of living from the quantum magic of our hearts and acting as the creators that we have always been. The cosmos is celebrating and we can give ourselves permission to dip into playfulness, mirth, wonder, reverence, humor and joy at any moment. Homeopathic doses will fortify us for this final stretch as we birth a new reality and enter the Age of Aquarius on December Solstice, 2020. 

Sasha 🌟

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Love and Star Blessings, 


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