Saturn in Aquarius in tension with Uranus in Taurus. How can we best navigate this moment with love?

Feb 17, 2021
Today, we have the first exact clash of the two most transformative energies of 2021; Saturn in Aquarius in tension with Uranus in Taurus. How can we best navigate this moment with love?
In Venus wisdom, our heart is the star of the cosmic show. We keep our attention on Venus to be able to see more clearly with our hearts. Venus is also in Aquarius, having disappeared into her Underworld Phase in early February, she met up with both social planets. First, she met with Saturn (Teacher through Limitation) on February 5th, and then she met with Jupiter (Teacher through Expansion) on February 11th.
These meetups seeded a new 2-year cycle of our heart’s vision that will ripple for the rest of our lives. This is the spark of genius that we were born with, that connects us to the Infinite. This is what is being called to manifest at this critical time. Only we can know what that is and only we can bring it to fruition. When you tune into this seed, it may feel so vast that you cannot imagine how it would come to be. That’s a major clue that you’ve caught the scent of your deep purpose.
Venus in Aquarius in the Underworld crystallizes. She can stay cool and level-headed in the midst of a battle (within or without). Today, the energies may feel like a battle. She feels the facets of emotional tension in her body and creates clarity through a singularity of presence that purifies. We could call this embodied zero point.
Instead of dispersing the energies externally towards another or pouring them out into physical exertion or venting, Venus offers us the option to crystallize. Become very still and clear and see what happens to the reaction energy. This feels similar to working differently with the tension of sexual energy - instead of “releasing”, allowing that building energy to build vitality and retain it for other purposes.
Emotional energy is different from sexual energy, so the quality is a bit different. Yet, both are “hot” and so this crystallizing requires a slowing down, a quieting of the disturbance of the story, and cooling off. This is a completely different move than bypassing - it goes deeper, and does not avoid. It feels clean.
This is a ninja-level move and requires giving no fucks about anyone else's opinions about how you navigate your inner world. This is radical intimacy with the heart - a purification that will clear patterns from this life and beyond.
I experience this in my body as a crystal column, reaching from the core of the Earth, through my spine, to the Sun. Tension becomes fuel for greater clarity. Conflict becomes a source of creative energy, to be drawn upon when needed. Can you feel that possibility?
Back to the Saturn square Uranus. Saturn is the last official visible planet in our solar system (except that Uranus can be sometimes seen with the naked eye.) Saturn represents authority and the limits of 3-D reality; the rules of how we as a society structure reality.
Aquarius is inviting us into a quantum leap in consciousness because the converging global crises are beyond any solution we can dream up from our current perspective. Aquarius tells us that our current situation is the result of a crisis of perception. Only by shattering the old reality will we wake up to the truth of what is possible here.
Uranus, the Revolutionary, is here to shatter. Uranus is in the sign of Taurus, which just happens to be “ruled” by the planet Venus. Uranus in Taurus tells us the revolution is IN - in our embodiment, in embracing the sensuality and beauty of this 3-D reality, in our naturalness, in honoring of the feminine principle, in our redefinition of wealth, in our ability to live in harmony with the Earth as sustenance for our spirits and bodies.
The revolution is slowing down and staying in the moment, deepening into the density and refusing to be distracted by attention-harvesting devices and pulled by people who are “takers” because they are either malicious or have not yet learned to master their energetic experience to achieve mutuality.
In the next five years and beyond, we are going to move through changes of this reality beyond what we can imagine. When our heart’s become our most valued resource, we tap into the most accurate divination tool right inside our body. When we allow our heart to lead, we know where to be, who to connect with, how to refuel and how to best navigate this tidal wave of change.
Care is the new currency, someone wise said. Humans of heart will increasingly recognize the frequency of authentic care and its counterfeit versions in each other. When we shine, from this place of our deepest truth, our kin will recognize us. Those are the ones to connect with to re-dream the world.
Now is not the time to be careless about how we spend our energy. No matter our biological age, we are in the final exam together. So, first, we get clear for ourselves. Then, see which kin are in need of assistance. I’ve heard a number of beautiful souls report that they are feeling bored by the constraints of this past year. I know others are barely hanging on by a thread and would welcome boredom, like a cool drink after being lost in the desert. Hint: look for the single moms as they often struggle the most.
The future will be created by those who share a similar frequency of purpose and know who to work effectively in groups. This requires knowing how to tend to and build a bonding field. This requires knowing how to work through conflict without destroying the connection. This requires the art of repair. This crystallization process can be mastered now and brought forward.
Once Venus goes into Pisces on February 25th, the cosmic game changes once again. When we sync with Venus, we cultivate the ability to receive wisdom in our bodies, each step of the way. This current Venus cycle that started in June of 2020 and takes us through January 2022 is a powerful invitation to drop what we "know" with our Mind alone and open to new understanding born of the fusion of Heart and Mind in Union. Staying curious, being able to hold multiple perspectives along with our personal truth, and honoring intuition are strong medicine for this journey.
Blessings to you on this powerful day. I always love to hear your lived experience of the energetic themes moving through and how this Venus-centered guidance lands for you.
Image: art by Jenny Lehmann-Cruzine

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