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Jan 08, 2024

This morning the Moon and Venus met up in the pre-dawn Sky in the sign of Sagittarius.

Venus, our Cosmic Heroine, is more than halfway through her Morning Star Journey encouraging us to join her in this initiation to reclaim our creative powers in this fiery Leo cycle.

The energy of Leo infuses each step of this journey as she moves through her cycle and her phase.

We are learning from the Primordial Mother energy of the Lioness about how to move from our sovereignty, remember our power to play and create the world that we want our children's children to live in.

In Sagittarius our feminine nature returns to a fire sign for the first time since this cycle began on August 13th, 2023.

Venus in Sagittarius is a lover of freedom and aims her arrow for the stars.

Like Leo, she is generous, because it brings her joy.

Venus in Sagittarius is enthusiastic for new experiences and adventures and says yes to MORE.

* She is optimistic that the dark nights of the soul will yield new visions and that the future holds possibility.

* She longs to go higher - in learning, in philosophy, in religion, in spirituality, in all maps of reality.

* She wants to understand the cosmic order and hungers to learn, to synthesize knowledge from different places, traditions, segments into a unified whole.

* She can be restless and leave what she is doing for what she sees on the horizon. She can shoot her arrows in too many directions and scatter her energies.

* One of her super powers is to focus and stay present as the tension of the bow is drawn back, waiting until it is time to release the arrow at her target.

* As she matures, she learns to stay, even after the excitement has passed.

* She makes friends with the ordinary and can find beauty in the mundane.

* She humbles herself to the details and either engages with them or steps aside to allow those attuned to the micro to give them voice.

* She learns to temper her bold truth telling with kindness so that the person on the receiving end of her reflection can soften to her perspective.

* When she discovers the glory of honesty coupled with the sweetness of kindness, her relationship with herself and others takes on new excitement for the liberation that comes from this quality of feedback.

Are you seeing these themes show up in your life through feelings, events or people?

Do you have your natal Venus in Sagittarius? If so, blessings on your Venus return. These themes may land more personally.

Even though Venus is in the optimistic, visionary sign of Sagittarius, her heroine's journey is well underway and this part of the cycle is about meeting our trials and tribulations with an openness, a willingness to release our identity in order to discover more of our authentic self.

Can you focus on your heart space and hold the faith in your vision that seeded mid-summer in the face of setbacks, disappointments and the discovery of greater truth about who you are and what you want to create?

Morning Star is the time to experiment and iterate on our creative projects and ventures.

And, if you are feeling SQUEEZED by life and struggling to connect your spark of joy, optimism and vision, do remember that Pluto is riding through the last degree of Capricorn, doing what Pluto does best, relentlessly revealing corruption.

We are seeing this collectively in the re-release of evidence of the Epstein files with new details making it to the public that shows the wide scale depravity of the power elite (ruled by Capricorn.)

Pluto, the Great Transformer went into the sign of Capricorn that rules the structures of society, financial institutions and the powerful, in January, 2008. This was a Venus in Leo cycle, like the one we are in now.

May of 2008 was Epstein's initial lenient sentencing of 18 months that he served in a private wing of the Palm Beach County Stockade. Clearly, a horribly inadequate punishment for abusing children.

It seems that in the next to last pass of Pluto in Capricorn, the reality of this situation is reaching the masses. May justice prevail.

A LOT is going to shift energetically this month so hang in there.

Venus always brings a blessing, if we are available to receive it.

Venus and the Moon will be exactly conjunct tonight at 10:44 pm Pacific but not visible again until pre-dawn tomorrow, January 9th.

If you want to receive a blessing, rise early and receive the light of the Moon, Venus and Mars in the east before dawn. Maybe Mercury, too.

The Trickster Mercury at 25˚ Sagittarius is moving through the Galactic Center again after its retrograde. This is a chance to root into our hearts and tap into the Cosmic Mind.

What beliefs stand in the way of you realizing the vision that makes your heart sing?

New ideas, insights, longings may arise. Allow yourself to feel the depths of what you wish to create in these increasingly chaotic times.

Dream big and release your arrow of fire to the stars.


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