Reflecting on the End of the Venus in Scorpio Cycle

May 10, 2020
First, we learned how to dive into turbulent waters, find our heart treasure, and return to the topside world. Now it's time to learn to fly, even as the world shifts beneath our feet.

In this current Venus Cycle we are now closing out, we were asked to dive into the Scorpionic waters of our deepest wounding and find the portal of healing to support greater intimacy. (The last cycle began 10/18)

We may have discovered more of how the toxic feminine and masculine lives within us and claimed more of our fragmented parts in our Underworld time.

The collective was vividly shown how the violation and disdain of the feminine, often playing out treatment of women, is woven into the fiber of this dominator culture. We may have recognized how we have weaponized our pain and taken responsibility for how we unconsciously lash out at those we love.

We may have felt the call for radically re-balancing of our feminine and masculine energy and said "yes" to tending to our hurt and parenting our Inner Child, spoken the fire of truth to those who have abused us, left relationships that were harmful, found allies who we trust.

Many of us strengthened our commitment to creating healthy containers of relating to better share our most potent truth, including our hurt, with newfound kindness.

We have time to review this past cycle and recalibrate our hearts. We start a new Venus Cycle in Gemini on June 3rd when she meets the Sun in Divine Union. We have found our treasure in the darkest places and now we take flight through a wild openness in the face of the unknown, curiosity in the face of chaos, we choose not to know in the face of fear, we learn to embody wonder.

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