Preparing for June Solstice: Birth of a New Name

Jun 02, 2019
We are in times of great social change and strange weather continues. Here in Northern California, we had an unusually cold, wet winter and spring. The abundance of rain ended our 8-year drought and gave us flooding and months with little sun or warmth. We are being stretched to embrace life as it takes us into unknown territory.
As we move toward June Solstice, we enter another portal of change. Venus will disappear from the Morning Sky and eclipse season starts in early July.
I encourage each of us to pay extra attention to these moments leading up to the next seasonal chapter. Awareness can bring insight we need. Here I offer four possible ways to prepare.
1) Reflection
Review the past 3 months and vision into the upcoming 3 months. Take some time to journal, collage, paint, or have an inspired conversation with a friend. Especially before or on June 21st.
  • How have I been more willing, to be honest about and with myself?
  • What's alive in my heart now? What do long for in the next few months?
  • What is my hurt showing me about my healing process?
  • What addictions, false expectations, denials, and fears am I ready to let go of?
  • How can I accept myself more, exactly how I am?
2) Tune in to your personal astrology
We have this magnificent guidance available, yet most of us do not tap into it regularly. An Astro Coaching session shines the light on the key themes unfolding, how they activate your life, and the best way to navigate them. 
3) Do a Seasonal Cleanse!
Signs you may need to cleanse are: feeling tired, heavy emotionally, constipation, skin eruptions, and rashes, moodiness, extra weight, and allergies. Since we are living in an increasingly toxic world, we need to lighten our load regularly.
If you do not yet have a protocol to remove toxins, heavy metals, organic volatile compounds, and radioactive compounds while alkalizing the body and nourishing deeply, reach to learn more about 
the seasonal online detoxes that I facilitate. 
The final exciting news it that I have landed on my new name for my business:
Venus Wisdom.
I birthed my business as "Venus Rising Now" in 2014. I re-launched under my name, Sasha Benedetti last year. That did not totally resonate and I was still searching. I was playing with "Sky Wisdom Coaching" among other options. Since the heart of my work is feminine wisdom, I missed the Venus connection.
The name "Venus Wisdom" came to me as Venus in the Sky (in Taurus) as opposed to my own Venus (in Scorpio.) But of course! Gracias, Venus.
To me, the name "Venus Wisdom" encompasses the life, death, and rebirth energy of the cycle. We learn as much from the descent as the rising. I am feeling completely aligned with this name.
Thanks for being a part of this community of heart. 

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