Peak Venus Portal in Scorpio

Sep 25, 2021
Today, September 24th, Venus in Scorpio opposes the Moon in Taurus, exact at 1:14 pm PDT, so close to Uranus. The Moon will be rising in the East as Venus sets in the West. It's a beautiful evening to go outside and watch the dance of the Lunar Feminine and the Solar Feminine.
The New Venus Portal opened on September 9th with Venus in the last degree of Libra. Now, at the peak of her monthly cycle, she invites us into the mysteries of Scorpio.
Venus is moving towards her greatest height as Evening Star, inviting us to shine in our feminine essence, to be seen, to receive lots of feedback from others to better understand our impact. We have important wisdom gleaned in the depths of the Underworld and it is through the reflections from other that we learn to integrate and embody it.
In learning to sync with the Venus cycle, I have found that the fruition of the monthly Venus cycle integrates both the energy of the New Venus Portal when Venus meets with the newish Moon, as well as the sign she is in at her opposition to the Moon, near her fullness.
This cycle was seeded at the last degree of Libra. the last degree of a sign is called the anaretic degree and is the last gasp of that consciousness and where the shadow material of that sign can show up.
Libra shadow is choosing niceness over authenticity, people-pleasing, lying or diminishing truth so as not to upset the balance, not owning what we want and differing to other, co-dependence, overemphasis on physical appearance and social status.
Now in Scorpio, Venus hungers for the truth and wants to go all the way into the depths to find the unconscious shadow material to transmute. She knows her heart is a cauldron and when she allows her body to receive the raw, arising experience of feeling, she is gifted more aliveness.
Venus having just opposed Uranus can bring shocking revelations or changes in our relating. Something important may need to be expressed. Under these skies, it could be disruptive and life-changing. The Moon there today is an echo of this liberating energy.
Venus in Scorpio could have a bitch attitude for Venus in Libra shadows as she abhors fakeness, love and light spiritual bypassing, the social hierarchy of cliques and the inability to engage with issues that were once sacred but now are taboo.
She is the witch, the dakini, the medicine woman, the authentic tantrika who has cultivated her power intentionally over time, in service to the real, in service to the resurrection of the Sacred Feminine. She is not afraid of the dark. She welcomes its velvet cover.
Yet, Libra is the Queen of Balance and Justice and her medicine is woven into the intensity of this Scorpionic moment. What can we learn when we confront inauthenticity and lack of courage in speaking truth within ourselves or others?
At the heart of that can be a desire to preserve relationships and true care for another. Yet, withholding for the sake of peace robs the relationship of aliveness and the opportunity for both people to grow. She can pivot there.
Can we bring the diplomacy of Libra into transformative conversations? Can we go deep into intimacy with awareness of equality and not lose our own agency? Can we refrain from the show Scorpionic tendency towards blame?
None of it is a problem if we keep our hearts open and our feelings rooted in present time experience and sensations. We can boil in our stew of intensity without harming another. We don't need to diminish, shut down or make our experience "more positive" for another.
We can be authentic, share the truth of our hurt while staying centered in kindness. Through our hearts, we connect to Source and can purify all of it. Fuck being nice. It's okay.
The dark feminine energies need to be honored and sometimes expressed with fierce love. We don't need to be the scorpion lost in a cruelty loop, stinging ourselves repeatedly or lashing out at another.
We can shed our old identities, our enslaving conditioning like a snake sheds her skin, undulating into new territory.
We can rise like a phoenix from the ash of our limited patterns, addictions and traumas and fully embody who we truly are without apology.
At this Peak Venus Portal we can fly like the eagle to find a vaster perspective, remembering that we are living through an incredible time with no map of the future. We are in the midst of a global initiation. We can remember the Earth is holding and nourishing us, the Sky is teaching and inspiring us to keep dreaming a new reality.
Are these themes showing up in your world? How are you meeting them with heart?
We are each saying yes to our Heroine when we show up with openness, are willing to feel deeply and choose kindness during these turbulent times? The old dominator culture is dying. Together we are weaving a web imbued with new possibilities.

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