Peak Venus Portal in Pisces & Neptune-Jupiter Conjunction

Apr 11, 2022
Blessed Peak Venus Portal in Pisces on the day of the once-in-a-lifetime meet-up of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces!
Feeling diffused, watery, dreamy, creative, overwhelmed, unmotivated?
It's a beautiful day to slow down to allow yourself to dive beneath the surface and tune into the subtly of your feelings. Receive the blessing that is yours.
We are at the mid-point of the monthly Venus portal that began on March 28th in Aquarius when she met up with the Moon, a week after she began the Morning Descent part of her phase.
Venus opposes the Moon in Virgo today at the peak of her monthly journey. This movement invites us to tap into the fruition of heart's desires. We can celebrate the ripening of Feminine energy without orienting to the full Moon, which connects us to our emotional body and reactions.
Venus in Pisces is the Queen of Surrender. This is the most sensitive water sign. As Morning Star Venus she is an initiator and trailblazer. She is refining and purifying her Essence here. The more she risks and follows the guidance of her heart, the more prepared she is for the total surrender in the Underworld.
Our authentic feeling is the path into our awakened heart. Being guided by our inner wisdom is embodying the Solar Feminine.
When we learn to presence our feelings as they arise, before the story, we can experience an in-body liberation of that energy that can then fuel our lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s grief, fear, anger, pain or joy. The vitality will support us.
The Lunar Feminine energy represents the rhythm of our conditioning and safety. What is familiar to us is deeply safe and often not supportive of our evolution. If we want to risk growth, we stretch beyond the familiarity of our conditioning. Yet, we need to feel emotionally safe enough to choose to drop our story and come into our present embodied experience.
The full Moon energy is known for intensity and reactivity that can manifest when we are living life through the lens of our history. Yet, we can receive the support of the Moon to gauge our ability to risk stepping into the unknown. Our body will tell us when we are ready.
If you want to experiment with synching with Venus, you can try honoring this fullness today instead of with the Full Moon Saturday and see how it feels. It's all an experiment to land in what feels resonant for you.
Venus represents our embodied growth edge as Venus travels all the way behind the Sun! We access her through dropping from our heads to our hearts and choosing not to know. By opening to the Mystery in our bodies, we find our deeper truth, before the story and patterns.

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