Blessed Peak Venus Portal: Potent Seeds of Transformation

Jan 16, 2022

This is the third Peak Venus Portal in this sign since Venus went into Capricorn on November 5th. She is instructing us in the sensuality of manifestation, the truth of power, awakening the deep earth wisdom in our bones.

Are you feeling the potency of all this Capricorn energy? The Sun and Pluto meet up today in Capricorn emphasizing the themes of transformation and the renewal it brings and radical structural change. The major asteroids Vesta and Juno are also there emphasizing Venus teachings that we need to fundamentally change how we relate - from power over to power with. Those who are able to create positive relationships that focus on win-win solutions will be the leaders into a new reality. 

Peak Venus Portals occur when the Moon and Venus are in opposition. The Moon in Cancer is exactly opposite Venus in Capricorn today on 1/16 at 12:50 pm Pacific. This Peak Venus Portal is a fruition of the New Venus Portal in Capricorn that opened on January 3rd. 

The Venus Portals align us with the evolutionary energies of the Solar Feminine and are alternative ways to orient our month. The New and Full Moon connect us to the lunar feminine and anchor us into our unconscious, the past and our conditioning. 

No need to reject the Moon but perhaps you are called to go beyond the Moon. The Moon constellates the Earth. Venus begins her cycle by uniting with the Sun closest to Earth and journeys all the way AROUND the Sun for her secret union 9.5 months from now. 

With Capricorn opposing Cancer we have flowing water versus structured earth. We have an opportunity to embody the authority of our hearts and attune to our inner wisdom and rewrite our personal stories of powerlessness and dependence. We may wish to express, offer, create from what is alive in our hearts now. 

This particular portal bridges the closing Venus cycle in Gemini and the current Venus cycle in Capricorn that began January 8th. Whichever sign Venus meets the Sun at the beginning of her cycle infuses the entire cycle. We are moving from a changing, masculine, air sign to an initiating, feminine earth sign as background support for the next 19-months. 

We are receiving a big dose of Venus in Capricorn as she is in this sign for four months because of her retrograde that ends one cycle and begins the next. She just came out of her Reset Phase when she re-appeared as Morning Star on January 13th, in some parts of the world. 

Have you seen her yet? Wake up at dawn and look to the east if you want to receive her fresh transmission at the beginning of this cycle.

Venus in Capricorn is initiating a new level of reclamation of the sacred feminine and recalibration to live in alignment with nature’s principles. She teaches us that power comes from within and our ability to manifest a new reality is connected to our embodiments.

She teaches us that power wed with kindness is true leadership. She reminds us that we are guardians of the future generations and the natural world and our power can be used to protect them.

Her meetups with Pluto in this bridge time between cycles is another clue that Venus is a major player this next year and our guiding star into our future. In this Venus in Capricorn cycle, we can rewrite the story of Capricorn as callous, patriarchal, pessimistic consciousness that teaches us to ignore our feelings and “pull ourselves up by the bootstraps” to push through our sensitivity. 

The Venus cycles are 19-month maps of Venus’ dance with the Sun. The emerging Solar Feminine principle lights the way to a new reality where we live in care for each other and interconnection with the natural world. 

Each cycle invites us into a deeper initiation of heart and prepares us for this epic transition into the Age of Aquarius. This is the heroine’s journey; an opportunity to align with our spark of inspiration that connects us to our full potential as powerful creators. 

The New Venus Portal opens when Venus meets the Moon each month. We are supported to drop into our bodies to discover and receive what is alive in our hearts. This is very different than “setting intentions” with our minds or will. 

We have many clues that we are moving from a mind to heart and our old practices will change. We don’t need to force or “do” to affect change. We are in a metamorphosis that necessitates us to slow down and feel ourselves and spend time in silence to attune to our inner wisdom.

Our unique right action will arise from our depths. This is Venus’s secret to navigating these times. We are moving into greater intensity so this new cycle is a prime time to pay attention to Venus’ magic. 

In the Venus in Gemini cycle, Mercury was co-pilot with Venus, as the guardian of Gemini. This past cycle taught us how to integrate heart and mind, to move from a caring curiosity, to stay open in the face of division, to consider all possibilities, to be fluid, nimble and to remember our “beginner’s mind” as we learned to discern truth from propaganda. We can hold space for others’ realities while attuning to our inner signal. Our heart’s guidance will show us our truth. Our minds alone? Easily hijacked. 

Now Mercury is retrograde along with Venus. This is a beautiful time to reflect on how our thinking and relations have changed since June 2020 and to integrate our new story. Go within, take time alone, write out your lessons and celebrations, clear out the clutter, care for your body with a gentle cleanse, clean your house. Prepare for the new energy. 

We are learning how to embody heart-centered living. Talking about it is not enough and our authenticity will become more transparent. Care is the new currency in our next chapter as humanity. Genuine care cannot be faked. When we are rooted in our heart’s wisdom, we “see” what people are about, underneath the mask of their persona.

In 2022, we step onto the bridge that will take us into a new paradigm. We will be challenged like never before. If you have been in an initiation in these past years that has required you to cultivate resilience, stamina, and an unshakeable belief that love is the most powerful force in the universe and will always win, you have been well prepared. 

The nodal shift tomorrow on January 17th lands will emphasize the power of embodied heart wisdom as the path forward. The North Node is moving from Gemini to Taurus - one of Venus’ signs. Uranus, the leader of this shift into the Age of Aquarius goes direct on January 18th, also in the sign of Taurus and coinciding with the day that commemorates human rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr.

If you are ready to write your story as heroines of the New Earth, Venus wisdom can guide the way. Stay in the silence, in the cocoon until you hear the call. You will know. When the fire of your heart ignites and you are called to the next quest you will begin to move and direct your energy into the world again.

The Venus Wisdom way of astrology holds the Venus cycle as the golden key to the Age of Aquarius. Join us to learn how to sync with her and embody your deepest truth at this tumultuous time. We will be opening up our next offering: Heroine: Journey of Awakened Heart near the March Equinox. Stay tuned. 

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Blessings on our lives in this transition. We are the golden seeds of a New World.


Sasha Rose and the Venus Wisdom Team

Artist: Paweł Jońca


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