Peak Venus Portal in Capricorn Opens - Offering the Gems from our Journey

Nov 21, 2021

Tonight, Venus in Capricorn will shine bright in the west after sunset and the Moon in Cancer will rise in the east close to when Venus sets. We began this New Venus Portal on 11/7 with both Venus and Moon in Capricorn - a seeding time to receive through our bodies the current of the sacred feminine.


The Peak Venus Portal is open through the evening of 11/23. Tonight and tomorrow are the windows to go out into nature and honor this peak - exact at 2:48 am on 11/23. Optimum to celebrate at sunset or when Sun and Venus are near western horizon (even if a sky view is not possible.)
We open to this current of our sacred feminine through the vulnerability of feeling. Venus in Capricorn teaches us that the more we receive, the more we will be empowered to manifest our greatest visions in the days and months to come.
Capricorn is an initiation, feminine earth sign. The Queen of Integrity. The Chieftess, who manifests through the sensual pleasure of being fully alive and committed to her purpose.
Venus mirrors our ability to connect and bond with ourselves and others. It’s time to take our relations seriously and commit to elevating the art of listening, empathizing, and being aware of our needs as we attune to another.
We are re-dreaming the world in this new age; co-creating a culture based on care and connection. Solution-focused collaborators who create win/win outcomes will lead the way into the new reality.
The New Venus Portal invites us to receive our heart’s song through dropping into the depths of our current feelings, free of stories and radically present to the current moment. The Peak Venus Portal invites us to celebrate what has come to fruition from that opening and attuning to our inner wisdom.
We are at the climax of Venus’ 19-month cycle with Venus reaching her greatest brilliance and height in the Sky during this portal. Venus wisdom is staying with the movement of the current flow instead of anticipating the next move.
Venus in Capricorn is asking us to stay present to receive all the jewels of our heroine’s journey that began in June 2020 when Venus met the Sun in Gemini and began this cycle. If we heard the call we left home, we left the familiar and ventured forth on a journey of transformation.
We may have begun bold and bright, inspired to know and live more deeply into our sacred purpose, being able to provide for ourselves doing what we love. We may have started creative projects, businesses, educational opportunities. We may have watched Venus blaze in the early morning Sky.
In the crucible of 2020 when life as we knew it began to crumble, we may have felt that it’s now or never to live more authentically and show up as who we truly are. We may have felt an urgency to tend to our long-held visions of how we sense the world could be free of domination and control.
We climbed mountains. We were tested. We met dragons and ogres. We suffered. Many relations changed and ended. We were humbled along the way realizing that the cost of this journey was the surrender of our false self, in order to discover our essence and liberate the truth of our potential to be powerful creators.
When Venus disappeared from the Morning Sky, we retreated to our inner chamber, into stillness to understand our connection to Source within. We are the ones who can keep our flame burning. Within the loss and pain of this time, we may have received a new illumination. From this inner stillness, we birthed a new more authentic self.
As Venus re-appeared as Evening Star and climbed higher into the Sky after sunset, we learned how to bring our more authentic self into the world - to represent our truth without getting trapped in separation and division. We may have unlearned much of what we believed about ourselves, the world, reality itself. We may have begun to find other kindred spirits who shared a vision. We may have begun to value our gifts in new ways.
Now, as we reach the peak of the peak, we sit on our throne and put on our crown. Our throne is our knowledge of the Earth’s intelligence, through our humbling to nature’s principles. Our crown connects us to cosmic wisdom, which reflects our infinite nature.
Our initiation has been successful if, in our hearts, we have wed power with kindness. This union demonstrates our ability to lead the way in the new earth that is coming. Soon, we will turn back homeward. Now is the time to receive our blessings and our lessons. We can celebrate the pain and joy of the journey and offer all of it to Source.
Take some time to reflect on your life journey from June 2020 until now. Make notes on the challenges and breakthroughs. Imagine each as a gem you are bringing forward with you on the journey. At the end of your quest, you now have two pockets full of gems, equally valuable. Perhaps the painful and inspiring ones are different colors.
Get to a place where you have a good western view at sunset.
Here are some tips for creating a ceremony that honors your heroine’s journey and deepens your inner wisdom:
  • Plant your bare feet on the Earth and feel the support of the ground.
  • Bask in the sunlight as it sets. Imagine scooping up these gems and offering them to the Sun.
  • When Venus appears, make offerings of smudge, water, honey, sound or whatever you wish.
  • Close your eyes and attune to your interior.
  • Slow down your pace.
  • Soften your mind.
  • Actively choose not to know - drop into your heart.
  • FEEL whatever is true for you in this moment.
  • Open your eyes and gaze at Venus with relaxed eyes.
  • Stay in your body while attuning to Venus in the Sky.
  • Receive yourself. Guidance may organically arise or not.
  • Don't try to change anything about your state - be with what is.
  • Drink in your own wisdom reflected back to you as the light of Venus.
  • Keep staying with yourself and this process past your comfort level.
  • Keep feeling in the moment, drop the story. No other here.
  • If inspired sing a song, dance, speak a poem. Or be still. Honor whatever naturally arises.
  • When complete, write down your experience to anchor it more strongly.
  • Share your experience with someone you love.
Blessings on your life. You are a bridge between celestial intelligence and earth wisdom and your medicine is needed now.

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