On the brink of Equinox, where Venus is Queen of the Season

Sep 23, 2021
Venus currently in Scorpio reveals all kinds of subterranean blaming, judging, wronging of self and other. Are you tracking that? Not with your mind but with your belly.
Our engrained victim programming is in a deep purification process. Big releases after the full moon in Pisces.
Mercury in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn. This dynamic assists us to perceive what is hidden, yet palpable in the field. It is intuition? Projection?
Discernment is necessary, yet not easy under these skies. We may have to reveal our mess to discover the truth.
It's rare and sexy for a woman to be intimate with her aggression, yet not enslaved by it. Can you boil in the intensity and fully own it? Resist the temptation to pin it on another?
Venus is in the sign of Mars - the dark, fierce feminine is activated. Authenticity is required to receive this medicine. Are you avoiding or bypassing your shadow material? If so, do not keep going. Slow down. Just stop. Sit in the stillness and allow the truth of what you are doing to come to you. Be willing to see and feel and know.
Mars is in Venus' sign embodying the Peacemaker, Lawyer, Diplomat. He may look cute but he is on a mission for justice. Don't underestimate his ability to make hard choices that restore balance. Do you need to lay your cards on the table? If so, can you make your case fairly? Your actions will reveal if you are truly invested in creating a win/win.
Mars and Venus are vibing together in each others' home signs. It's an art to attune to another's reality while tending to our inner volcano.
Uranus wants to liberate us from our limiting stories about love, intimacy, money and self-worth. Uranus wants to inspire us to break with our conditioning and do something radically different.
Can you take some time to nourish your feminine? Follow the clues of your pleasure, joy and what simply feels good in your body. Allow more of that.

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