New Venus Portal

Dec 12, 2020
12/12 opened the New Venus Portal preparing us for the total solar eclipse on 12/14. We are in a portal within a portal time.
Venus and Moon in Scorpio met in the Sky before dawn at the 5th Gate of Descent. Did you get up early and drink in the beauty? 12/12 is also the feast day of the Virgen de Guadelupe, a symbol of the Divine Feminine.
The Gates represent new chapters in Morning Star Venus' journey to the Underworld. These are particularly potent times for ceremony and attuning to our heart's guidance.
Feelings may be intensified. This is a time of purification to make space for receiving new energy, light and understanding.
Go easy, be gentle, be lovingly honest with yourself about how much time you need to rest and retreat.
As this ride gets wilder and life as we know it continues to be deconstructed, we are discovering what sustains us.
This Venus Portal in Scorpio illuminates the power of love to transmute old patterns, stories, trauma, addictions and exiled parts of our being.
Watery Scorpio teaches us about the power of authentic connection, sexual union and co-creation. Fluids are essential to creation, gestation and birth. Water is life.
This Gate activates our longing for true, deep authentic love connections. With asteroid Juno nearby Venus and the Moon in Scorpio, we may receive clarity on the depth of commitment and quality of container we want to create with another.
For those single and seeking partnership, your heart may be singing for union. For those in relationships, an invitation to deepen your commitment to love may arise. The heart is infinite.
Our Beloved can be new to us in each moment, reflecting what we cannot yet see and expediting our awakening to who we truly are.
The Lovers Card reflects the origins of our current Venus in Gemini Cycle that began on 6/2/20 and will unfold until 2/22. Gemini is the twins, the lovers, the every changing mind, curious, loving the multi-facets of reality, questioning, playing with duality, staying open in the face of the unknown.
Venus kissed the Sun in Gemini at the start of this cycle and this theme will color the entire cycle. Venus in Gemini energy supports us to integrate heart and mind, bridge the right and left brain and increase our emotional intelligence, especially in our virtual communications.
Mercury, the ruler of Gemini is a key player in this 19-month Venus cycle. Mercury in the Sky is currently in Sagittarius, in tension with the Great Dreamer, Neptune. Our visions and felt sense of what we wish to create are already weaving the future. Nothing is what it seems.
Be bright and strong like fire and flow with the change like water. Soon, we will fly and gain greater perspective.

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