New Venus Cycle in Scorpio/Libra Begins

Sep 30, 2018
New Venus Cycle Friday, October 26th at 7:21 am Pacific
As we wrap up this Venus in Aries cycle tonight, I am thinking of the meditation I do with my 3rd grade yoga students.
"There will never be another human like you ever again in the entire Universe. And there never has been one before.
Take a little time right now to appreciate who you are. Not for what you do but for just being you."
Friday, October 26th at 7:21 am Pacific, Venus kisses the Sun and we begin a new cycle.
Venus = our authentic feelings, love, connection, intimacy, sensuality & sex, relating, committed partnerships, money, values, beauty, art.
All the good stuff.
This moment seeds the next 19+ months that will unfold in our hearts.
How have you honored your heart's desire and taken a stand for love?
When have you had the bravery to be vulnerable instead of falling into old patterns?
Have you been able to fiercely love yourself in your most wounded places?
You may wish to:
  • Light a candle and give thanks for all you have learned about loving since March, 2017.
  • Take some time to drop in and feel your heart
  • Breathe
  • Slow down and be
  • Sink in to the full weight of your body
  • Forgive the mistakes and dedicate the merit
  • Make a Wish
We begin anew.
The next cycle will be the Venus in Scorpio to Libra Cycle. We are bridging two different signs this time.
Blessings on the the Great Rebalancing. May we find and create truth, equity, justice and deeply, loving partnerships.

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