New Moon Energies Reveal Grandmother Wisdom - are you listening?

Jan 13, 2021

Blessings on your life at this powerful time.

Tonight we are moving through the New Moon energy in Capricorn. I mistakenly stated it was in Aquarius in my January Key Dates. Ha! So ready for more Aquarius energy but the Sun will not be in Aquarius until 1/19 (corrected in image below.)

The New Moon energy is always the same as the Sun as Sun and Moon are together. And now Moon and Sun are right next to Pluto, The transformational energy that teaches us through life, death and rebirth. This is a final echo in the Pluto influenced Capricorn energy of this past year. Our unhealed shadow material may be stimulated. Are we willing to meet it with love?

The Moon is our conditioned identity, our protection that keeps us safe, our ego. It's intensely personal. We need it to navigate this reality and it limits us by bringing our history forward into our present moment.

The Moon energy helps us bridge the unconscious and conscious, the past and the future, and often creates reaction. The stories of the past as a lens to experience this moment will always be distorted. Because we cannot see what is here clearly. We can work with this as we can work with everything. All of these energies at play are helping us to wake up to our authentic nature, the truth of who we are.

Some years ago when I had Pluto in the Sky in the same position as my natal Capricorn Moon, a wise astrologer said to me, "Sasha, you are going down...all the way to the basement. You can go willingly or you can be forced, but you are going to the very bottom floor of you psyche." It was tremendously uncomfortable. The hardest transit I. have lived through.

Yet, hearing this perspective helped me to surrender to the invitation to SEE and FEEL the truth of what was ready to be transformed. Life was relentlessly revealing my earliest stories that had formed my identity, especially about myself and my role as a mother.

Venus, our Heart, our evolutionary relational energy, is also in Aries. in a tense aspect with Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Our wounds of separation and impotence are stimulated. We are never separate from Source, from Love and yet the painful experiences of our life can create an amplified experience of separation.

Venus is moving through her final Gate (met with Moon yesterday) before she disappears from the Morning Sky early February and dives into the Celestial Underworld. Venus represents the Solar Feminine, the new emerging consciousness that is the medicine for this change of eras. She reminds us that our heart will always connect us to our inner guidance and our greatest truth. She bows to anything that is no longer alive for us and lets it go. She bows to the Mystery, which is alive in our heart center. This is the portal into present time and to feel what is arising now. Can you drop in and receive it? Hint: you may need to slow way down to detect this level of essence.

The new Moon with Sun in Capricorn are in a tense aspect to Eris, in Aries, the Feminine Force of Chaos (aka the Badass B*tch archetype.) She gives no f*cks what others think. Ride that! This doesn't need to be acts of aggression but bold acts of standing in the goodness of who we are now in this messy human experience. We make mistakes yet we are not fundamentally wrong. We can take a stand for our preciousness, our sacred self-love.

We have a powerful opportunity to use this dose of Capricorn energy for healing and growth. It's time to know our wisdom and share our wisdom, no matter what age we are. The exalted expression of Capricorn is the indigenous grandmother energy who has learned to become more intimate with life through time. She is always considering the children and the future in every move she makes.

The negative expression of Capricorn is the dynamic of "power over" that infuses the dominator culture that has shaped all that we know. At this new Moon time, we may receive a reflection of how this is still living in us. Or those we love around us. Or those who wish to take from us. Shadow Capricorn loves to blame self and other for mistakes, to whisper words of cruelty in our ear, to create a miasma in our minds. This energy can seduce us to believe we aren't good enough or worthy of love. This is not true.

We take our power back when we meet that lie head on, take responsibility for our misuse of power and any habit of judging self and other. We can transmute it so it no longer holds power over us. We can take full responsibility to live in integrity with our values. We transmute through our bodies and is one of our greatest gifts as human beings.

Sun, Moon, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn - initiating Earth sign gives us a big invitation to be solitary, to find stillness, to walk barefoot on the Earth under the darkness of night, to honor the matrix of life that teems beneath the soil. To remember the networks of mycelium that form a network of intelligence beneath our soles.

We are living through an epic time of restructuring. These next couple months are going to be challenging as we begin to push out the symbolic baby of our new reality. We can make a plan to stay grounded and connected with our bodies. We can drop the binding of our history, if we choose and show up with radical presence to what is here now. This is what the mystics pointed to - the naked truth of reality freed from our limited conditioning, perception and categorizing. Reality is far wilder and more magnificent than we can usually manage and so we make it smaller, safer, domesticate it to assuage our fear of vastness.

Yet, we are now in the Age of Aquarius and our ability to tap into limited potential is dawning. We, humans of heart, are being asked to re-dream the world together. Together. Remember, the revolution is IN.

All of our perspectives are needed and the only way that we can begin to tap into our collective genius is if we listen to each other and receive each other's wisdom. When we are rooted in love, so much more is possible. When we are humble, we can tolerate more of the full spectrum of reality. Humble = hummus = Earth. Much of reality will be foreign to us. Others will reflect it. This does not need to be a threat. It can be a gift.

We are a living gift when we attune to our hearts and truth while being authentically curious and open to another's. This is not easy. This is not fluffy. This is walking the path of a spiritual warrior. We are in the eleventh hour, so close to midnight. It's time for us to be heart ninjas. So fiercely devoted to the creative process of re-dreaming together that we refuse to be distracted. Disciplined. Eye on the goal - creation.

What kind of culture do we want to create? What is the structure of a society that can honor, recognize and amplify all of our gifts? What would the ancient grandmothers do at this precipice between the old and the new? Ask them. They live in the rocks, the streams and the bones of the Earth. They are talking to us all the time. Can we get quiet enough to hear them?

Image: artist unknown. I once knew and this has been one my favorite pieces of art over the years. Please share if you do.

*Celestial Underworld was sourced from Daniel Gimario of Shamanic Mystery School. I have not heard it elsewhere. Have you?

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