Moving from Deep Water to Active Fire. Are you ready for a season change?

Mar 10, 2021
In Northern Hemisphere, we are moving from winter to spring. In the South, we are moving from summer to fall.  
March Equinox is the beginning of the Astrological New Year. Once again, we have an opportunity to seed something and watch it grow. Season changes are the best time to implement a clean eating plan, healthy habit or detox of any kind.
Since the March Equinox starts Aries season, the first sign of the zodiac, this season change sets the tone for the entire year.
We are currently in the cosmic, watery seas of Pisces season that come before the fiery burst of Aries season. We could say energetically we are in the void, the Mystery, the primordial soup before the Big Bang of existence.
We also have the outer planet, Neptune in its home sign Pisces, amplifying the dreamy, diffused, and natural inward pull of this time. On March 10th, the Sun meets Neptune and on March 13th, Venus meets Neptune.
Taking time to connect with nature, our dreams, and creating any amount of "retreat time" can be beneficial. This could mean a day at the ocean or 5 minutes sitting under a tree at the park or our yard.
Pisces represents a quality of space outside of linear time and is associated with daydreaming. If you have become too busy to daydream, you may want to find a way to remember how in the next week.
Surrendering to the unknown, releasing the past, resting more, and forgiving, if that feels authentic, prepare us for a new beginning. The liminal space of unstructured time is where we discover what is living in our unconscious. This is the substance of our dreams and gives us hints about our deeper desires.
This is a powerful time to reflect on what life is showing us, just below the surface of awareness. Keeping a dream journal is potent now. Take note of any dream-like experiences you have while waking.
Venus is traveling very close to the Sun in Pisces, in her Underworld Phase. She is invisible to us but getting closer and closer to the Sun to meet in exact union on March 26th in Aries - a beautiful day to do a ceremony of heart.
We are heading towards a New Venus Portal in Pisces on March 12th, a day before the New Moon in Pisces. This is the monthly gate when Venus and Moon meet, usually visibly, but invisible to us until mid-May. When we sync with Venus, we align with the Solar Feminine, instead of the Lunar Feminine. My work has shown me that anchoring this new energy is key to coming into balance and medicine for these times.
We still have strong Aquarius energy with Jupiter, teacher through expansion, and Saturn, teacher through limitation, as well as Mercury, our Mind in this sign. Many perceive we started the Age of Aquarius at December Solstice and this sign will continue to be an important influence as we transition from the old world to the new Earth. Read all the way to the end for the remaining key dates for March.
The crystallized, airy visions of Aquarius feed the intelligence of imagination as the energy moves into Pisces. The power of imagination is a gift that opens up to greater possibility. Active dreaming is a way to open the path as we stand on this precipice, looking into an unknown future. We bridge the gap of the current unknown and the possible future through imagination.
When we connect with other kindred spirits, it is easier to move through the grief of all that has been lost this past year and find the strength to re-dream the world together.
The question of how to strengthen our ability to re-dream the world inspired me to seek out visionary astrologers and meditation teachers to share their perspectives.
I created the Re-Dream the World in the Age of Aquarius Virtual Retreat to weave together astrological wisdom and embodiment practices to support us to dream big at this powerful time of the March Equinox.
You can register here:
Invite your visionary friends.
If you would like to tap into the cosmic wisdom at this important solar portal, you may wish to join us. If you have already signed up, I am looking forward to sharing this experience with you.
This is a Free 3-Day Online Event highlighting fresh perspectives in astrology and embodiment practices to help us stay centered and move forward with vision in the turbulence of these times.
This Retreat is for the Visionaries, Rebels, Trailblazers, Divergents, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Healers, Innovators, and Pioneers.
When I created this event I was thinking of the solutionaries of this time, the ones who keep orienting to the new possibility and overcome obstacles despite uncertainty, those who know we were born for these changing times.
The intention of this event is to bring astrology down to Earth so you can learn what it means for you personally - your business, your vision, your relationships, your life.
This is astrology that is on the cutting edge to match the energy of Aquarius, which is the time for marginalized people and ideas to come into to center and shine.

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