Sep 21, 2022
We have finally arrived
at the moment
when all has been taken
Yet nothing is lost.
Each Heroine stands before the door
Threshold to the Unknown
Naked but not stripped
Claiming the Beauty of
She cannot see Decay
but feels its presence nearby
its labored breathing
Daring her to enter
As fear rises, she remembers
All she surrendered
To discover her Fire
Her heart roars like a lion
And she knows she is ready
Each morning she rose
Before dawn
to drink splendor
From her copper cup
She slowed down in devotion
savoring the flavors of feeling
with soft lips and a warm heart
Rooted into the perfect spot
finding stillness in Center
As she gazed at the Morning Sky
Her eyes received
rainbow fractals of light
Revealing wonders of radiance
Beyond the veil
When she released poisons of Mind
She forgave herself
for following the fractured paths
that led her deeper into the maze
of confusion
She released herself
from the prison of silence
When she found the golden key
Now her throat sings songs of liberation
Blossoming in fierce delight
She claimed her ancient sword
Cut the cords with all beings
who hunted her brilliance
Dishonored her knowing
and defiled her sacred Jewel
She entered the bowl of vastness
Resonating with the joy
of her original sound
Knowing her heart as home, again
Her passion stoked the flames
in her belly
Melting the ice of defense
with the heat of her kindness
releasing the nectar of love
Then, she freed her feet
unbound her legs
Walked naked on the soil
And danced
To the music of her own laughter
This journey has liberated her
From the Illusions
that enslaved us
Since the beginning of time
She bowed to Infinite
At each Portal
United with Source
At every Gate
Now all that remains
Is her desire is to burn brighter
She reaches out
And opens the door
Will you?

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