Mars is in Taurus: Sowing the Seeds of Love

Jan 10, 2021
Mars is desire and how we attempt to fulfill that desire. This goes no matter what sex we are or where we fall in definitions of gender. Our personal Mars describes how we initiate and "go after" something.
Mars represents Masculine energy, the ability to separate and move towards a goal. When Mars is disconnected from Love (Venus) we see conquest, objectification, aggression, and actions that are exclusively self-serving. Our dominator culture has endless examples of this expression of Mars.
Taurus is the slowest, most stubborn yet sensuous, feminine, Earth sign. Taurus is essentially about security. This relates to our financial stability, esteem, and what we tangibly can rely upon to support us. Taurus also connects to agriculture and food production.
Venus in the ruler of Taurus so we can look to her current situation for clues as to how Mars may express here. Venus represents how we connect, attune, relate to, and our values. Venus is receptive, Feminine energy in each of us.
Venus currently just moved into Capricorn - the most ambitious, productive, disciplined, feminine, Earth sign.
In the sign of the Sea Goat, she’s connecting us with our inner authority, the sensuality of manifesting, our commitment to those we love. She’s reminding us of our ancient grandmother wisdom.
Mars and Venus just had a lovely and fertile rendezvous in Earth sign. They are vibing with each other sweetly.
Both of these archetypes invite us to slow down enough to feel in the midst of the discord. If we do, we may attune to this harmonizing in our bodies. This is an excellent time to get in water, breathe in the air at dawn or walk on the Earth barefoot to ground into it.
In the past 6-months, the collective Masculine energy has been in an uber-intense initiation to heal its core wound of separation and impotence. Through this process, Mars received guidance on how to remember his true purpose and move from Disempowered Warrior to Sacred Protector.
This particular Mars in Taurus time is an opportunity for our actions to be in service to our wise hearts; to wed our desire with love and to know our innate wealth. How can we co-create a culture that nourishes and honors our bodies?
Protector Mars in Taurus will clash with Authoritarian Saturn on 1/13 and meet up with Revolutionary Uranus on 1/20. The clash of the old and the new paradigm is the main theme of 2021.
In its most exalted form, Mars in Taurus is a regenerative movement, an invitation to re-dream how we relate to each other and the land in our corner of the world to create more permaculture paradises.
As the government structures continue to be relentlessly transformed by Plutonian energies, Mars in Taurus offers that communities can become more self-reliant. He has the consistent energy for the job and the pickup truck.
Mars wants to work physically to meet our needs for healthy food, water, and human connection. He's also wondering how creative expression can help transmute the intensity of these times.
Mars in Taurus asks us to learn how to simplify and live closer to the Earth, to collaborate to grow and share food and water. As the old system falls away more people may unify to learn what our ancestors knew about stewarding land.
The Original people in each place were the holders of the knowledge for how to live sustainably there. Much knowledge has been lost as native peoples all over the world have been largely destroyed and displaced. The remaining Original people struggle to sustain their knowing in the wake of hundreds or thousands of years of oppression. And most modern people have been cut off entirely from the roots of any kind of this knowing.
The Age of Aquarius in its exalted expression is about humans awakening to our full potential as creators and sovereign beings. There is no limit to what we can accomplish when we begin to know and move from this place. To re-dream the world together.
Some volatile energies are going to build and clash over the next two months. It's going to get wilder. Mars in Taurus until March 3rd invites us to move from and with embodied care, to slow down to feel ourselves, to catch our reactions, to share our feelings in conflict early so that we don't default into passive aggression, to tend to our bodies needs for water, food, touch, creation. May we remember our hearts.
We are collectively receiving the fruit seeds previously planted, especially in the US. We are now called to sow the seeds of love that will support our evolutionary leap.

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