Eclipse Season: We are entering a Portal

Nov 29, 2020

Spiral Deeper into your Healing
Until You Find Your Magic
Keep Going!
We are Re-Dreaming the World

We are now in a portal within a portal time. Be gentle with yourself and others. This eclipse season brings us right to the threshold of the crossover into the Age of Aquarius on December 21st Solstice a 26,000 year turning.

With Neptune, the Infinite Dreamer turning direct today in its home sign, Pisces, the dreams of our higher/deeper self are blessed to move forward.

Eclipses are potentized portals of change, cosmic resets, an opportunity for wild unknown possibilities to manifest. In Tibetan Buddhism, all thoughts, words, intentions and prayers are magnified by 10,000 during a lunar eclipse time.

This particular eclipse lights up the polarity of the Gemini and Sagittarius Mysteries. Gemini is what is opening for us energetically in this eclipse cycle.

Have you been inspired to better understand the nature of duality? Revising the story of your conditioning? Questioning the status quo? Are you digging deeper to access personal truth? Many are waking up to the mind control tactics of dominator culture and taking steps to avoid being enslaved by it. That's the spirit here.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is mercurial, entertaining all possibilities. Yes, we live in a binary, black and white, reality yet there are so many shades of gray. Mercury is currently in Scorpio, so it's gonna go deep and there will be death before the rebirth.

Retaining a sense of openness and possibility is the freedom within duality. That's why Gemini is associated with magic - the ability to effect this 3D existence. The reminder that, as dense as it seems sometimes, anything can happen.

Venus, still shining as Morning Star, began this cycle in union with the Sun on June 3rd, 2020 in the sign of Gemini. Sign of the Twins. So, we have a double Gemini theme with eclipses on this polarity and the Venus themes of embodying our heart intelligence and meeting these turbulent, transitional times with a wildly open heart is active until early 2022. Venus brings the warmth of the heart into the ongoing Gemini equation.

Likely, you have discovered more of your personal truth this year in the face of the restructuring of life as we knew it. You may have been surprised, delighted or dismayed when those you love discovered theirs.

Many separations have happened and some may not have been able to cross the chasm that opened up once we landed. We are currently in a process of purifying all that is obstructing our ability to be fully alive, living coherently from our truth and magnetize those who are meant to walk with us.

Grieve those who chose another path and keep moving towards living in full potency in partnership with those who see, honor and celebrate you.

The background story is the last gasp of the dying, dominator culture (The "Capricorn Cluster" of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter). If you are feeling ground down to the bone with relentless obstacles, loneliness, sense of isolation and lack, you are likely personally effected by this influence more personally.

This morning I was feeling the grind. I sat in the sunshine and dropped into my body feeling the discomfort and tension. A hummingbird zipped right in front of me and hung in suspended flight for a few seconds and then zoomed off. A lone honeybee sought me out and landed on my sleeve.

The bird and and bee brought a smile to my face; a sweet reminder of the preciousness of this life. Even within the contraction of whatever we are transmuting, there is beauty. We were born for this and it is not easy.

The energies now are ripe for quantum leaps and unexpected miracles. It's time to call all of ourselves home, to fiercely love the parts of us, first exiled by the dominator culture, and then, rejected by our conditioned self. We are worthy of embodying unconditional love and creating paradise from that place. May we awaken to the beauty that is the truth beyond duality.

If you want to join the community learning about how to sync with the Venus cycle to access more of our heart wisdom during these turbulent times, click here:

Astro Geek notes: Lunar Eclipses happen when the Moon and Sun are in opposition at the full Moon and the complete reflection of it is obscured by the Earth. This one will just be a small bite out of the roundness of the Moon. Lunar eclipse starts Monday 11/29 11:32 pm PT and continues into 11/30 @ 8 degrees Sagittarius/Gemini. Search for your time zone here:

We are magic.


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