Jupiter Saturn

Dec 05, 2020

Greetings ~ 

Are you watching Jupiter and Saturn come together in the night Sky to usher in the Age of Aquarius at December Solstice?
They will be so close that they will appear as one light at this time. 

Humanity approaches an unprecedented choice point. 

How are you doing? This build up is a pressurized portal of change. A birth canal. You may be feeling it viscerally. Feelings are intensified and much is being purified. Let it go to make way for the new birth. 

This ride will us through the next Venus portal on 12/12 where she meets the Moon at the 5th Gate of Descent, then the total solar eclipse on 12/14, a major magnification that will peak at Solstice. 

Now is the time to activate all our practices that support us to stay in touch with our inner wisdom, stay grounded in our bodies and the nature and lead from the heart. Our inner coherence is key in attuning in our relationships and moving from embodied presence. 

Jupiter and Saturn are "social planets" that reflect our purpose. The last time they met up was May 2000. I encourage you to reflect on what seed was planted then, as it is now coming to fruition. Taurus is a stabilizing earth sign. Now, they meet up innovative air sign of Aquarius - bringing us into a new age. 

They haven't met up in an air sign in 200 years. They haven't been this close together in 800 years. We are at a 2100 turn of ages and a larger 26,000 year cycle completion. 

Yes, this is it. May we each wake up to our potential to embody more love and to together create a culture based on care, partnership, protection of innocence and reverence for life. We are re-dreaming the world. now. 

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