Invitation for Full Moon

Oct 29, 2020

Beautiful Being ~ 

Would you like to stay centered during the energetic storm as we enter the most intense astrology of 2020? I encourage you to align with Venus in Libra through this next Full Moon and beyond. Read on to better understand why and how.  

A big reason this full Moon is so amped is that it falls on Halloween or Samhain and right next to Uranus. As you know this is a powerful time when the Sun, Source energy, is in Scorpio, representing Death and Rebirth. 

The energy of transformation is amplified. The veil to the spirit world is thin and so we have more access to the Mystery. Many traditions honor their dead. This is a time of magic and that can be channeled towards the blessings of the good or towards manipulation and destruction.

With the intensity of the full Moon next to Uranus, the Great Awakener, there is a wild card, "anything can happen" quality to this tension between Sun and Moon at the peak. Our nervous systems are already on high alert from all the changes and restructuring this year. People are on edge. Stabilizing in the heart center is a protective now. 

When we keep the focus on Venus, we align with the evolutionary Feminine, the Heart, the Solar Feminine. She recently shifted into the sign of Libra, inviting us to bring the balance we earned through all the refining, purification, analyzing, integrating, digesting of our heart material that we accomplished in Virgo. Venus in Libra invites us to keep orienting to beauty in each moment. 

Virgo is about devotion to our sacred work. Virgo loves to work. You may have had some major heart revelations and detoxed some major shizz in your energetic field, especially around how you show up in your relating.  

Syncing with the Venus’ 19-month cycle is tracking Venus' relationship with the Sun. When we sync with her cycle we align with Venus as the Heroine. As Morning Star, she is on her Heroine's descent of surrender and discover to embody more of her essence. 

Currently she’s about half-way to the door of the Underworld now, each month getting lower in the Sky. She will disappear into the underworld in early February 2021.

On her Morning Star journey of Descent, she meets the Moon each month. Here, Venus is Heroine and the Moon is the Guardian at the Gate, challenging her to remove another layer of her old story, patterns, conditioning, habits that no longer serve her essence. This requires honesty and alignment with her current Truth. 

Her meetup with Moon in Virgo in the pre-dawn Sky on October 13th was the beginning, seeding, of her new monthly portal (an alternate point to the new Moon.) These meetups with the Moon in the pre-dawn Sky happen a few days before the new Moon. 

October 13th was also the day that Mercury went retrograde, indicating that this chapter is key to deeper truths and transformation in communication that lead to refinements in our relating. This last Gate correlates to our 3rd chakra, solar plexus, and releasing that which disempowers us. 

We are waking up to our potential as master creators as we approach the dawn of the Age of Aquarius (December Solstice) so understanding our personal power is essential to this moment. 

The peak of the Venus' monthly portal was this past Tuesday/Wednesday when she was opposite the Moon in Aries. This is an alternate point to the full Moon. Venus had just shifted from Virgo into Libra, becoming the Queen of Justice who walks in Beauty. 

At the peak of her monthly portal, we can tap into the fruition of each chapter of Venus’ journey. We can feel, release and celebrate the peak of feminine energy without involving the full Moon, which can be highly emotional.

Do you see how this is an alternative to celebrating and marking the new and full Moons? 

The Full Moon peak is the relationship between the Moon and Sun as they are opposite in the Sky. The Moon reflecting Sun. The full Moon energy is known for intensity and reactivity that can manifest in violence of words or acts. Lunacy of all kinds. 

The Lunar Feminine energy represents the rhythm of our conditioning and safety. What is familiar to us is deeply safe and often not healthy. If we want to risk, to evolve, to grow, we stretch beyond the familiarity of our conditioning. Yet, we need to feel emotionally safe enough to risk feeling deeply, to risk the unknown of dropping our story and being more authentic in the now. 

Feeling is the portal to awakening our heart consciousness. Heart Consciousness = Venus. When we learn to presence the pure feeling arising, before the story, we can experience an in-body liberation of that energy that can then fuel our lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s grief, fear, anger, pain or joy. The vitality will support us. 

We need Venus, Moon plus connection to the planet (Earth) to awaken to our feminine potential. We can receive the support of the Moon as our familiar conditioning to support us to risk stepping into the unknown and waking up to more of who we really are. We are Earth. Venus is like a wise friend reflecting us, showing us more of our nature.  

Venus represents our embodied growth edge. Venus travels all the way behind the Sun! We access her through our hearts, through choosing not to know. By opening to the Mystery in our bodies, we find our deeper truth, before the story and patterns. 

If you want to tap into the magic of Venus, wake up early to see her in the East in the pre-dawn Sky. Find a spot on the Earth to sit comfortably. Connect with her light and receive it into your eyes. I like to acknowledge the elements and make offerings of songs, herbs, flowers and water before I settle in. Trust your intuition. Maybe you want to ask a question, make a wish or say a prayer. Use your breath to allow your body to slow down and settle to enter into a receptive space.

Keep watching Venus as she begins to change with the dawn of the Sun. This heart practice opens us up to our  inner knowing. We can deepen into feeling whatever is arising in our heart. Stay present, feel and receive without expectation. Keep breathing. We can meet whatever we discover with kindness. Receive the blessings of your own essence. You are participating in an ancient ceremony of heart. The next two mornings are particularly supportive for staying in neutrality and compassion as we ride these wild energies. 

This is an introduction to how I see them working together to support us during this epic time. I welcome your feedback around how this landed for you. This is the first time I am sharing this transmission in detail. Reach out if you have questions or wish to share your experience with Venus. 

If you'd like more guidance on how to sync with the Venus cycle, you can join the Venus Wisdom Collective on FB. Now open to men of heart, too.

May you stay centered in love and beauty as we move through some of the most intense energies of 2020. Next Venus portal opens November 12th when she meets Moon in Libra.

Image: artist unknown. Please share if you do.

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