Apr 17, 2022
As we move to the other side of an amped Full Moon on Easter weekend, I notice how I’ve changed.
After decades of Moon worship, I don’t write happy Full Moon anymore. After years of sharing odes to an ancient time of matriarchal power, I don’t write about the resurrection celebrations that honored fertility Goddesses that pre-date Christianity. I don’t long for a lost time of equality but possibly another version of power over and sacrifice of life.
The true history of this planet seems more mysterious now than ever. As we embody more, I imagine we will remember what we need to know.
I don't diminish those who have chosen Christianity as their pathway. Yet no religion calls me, not even the Buddhist practices that opened states within me that most closely resembled my own extraordinary and brief awakening to pure love.
In my devotion to assisting something wholly new to emerge, I offer all of it to the unknown. These stories and practices to which I once felt lovingly attached, no longer feel relevant to my journey. I attribute this shedding of history partially to my learning how to synch with Venus and releasing myself from the Moon cycle.
Did you feel the wave of emotional intensity of this Full Moon starting Friday and peaking on Saturday? This energy landing with the Easter holiday may have opened up spiritual and religious conflicts, amplified “holiday” expectations, aggravated family dynamics, and stirred memories of how it was in the past.
While I hope that you had a lovely and easeful weekend and I imagine many of you have felt this undercurrent. Some of you may have seen explosions, got caught in the crossfire or become the cyclone itself.
The Moon’s opposition to the Sun dares us to find harmony when faced with extreme difference. Earth’s satellite is linked to emotions, illusions, the past, our deepest needs, and our unconscious. Its name is embedded in the words, “lunacy” and “lunatic”, pointing to mental illness increasing at the Full Moon.
This is an extreme characterization of these dynamics, yet reactions are often expanded at this time. Greatly. And when that happens after all our years of meditation, examination of our issue, and effort to cultivate calm, it can make us feel crazy.
Yet, every astrology system orients our monthly experience to the Moon - the moonth.
We have been trained to lead with our minds and so we are always dealing with stories. This leaves us vulnerable to provocation by words, images, stories, and symbols that hook us into our history where we lacked power and have positions we need to defend. Power struggles ensue over perceived threats to our security.
In the midst of all of this, there is a place in our being, a portal to our infinite self, a space of dynamic stillness, below our head’s control, more primal than the nervous system, deeper than our conditioning. Always. This is the space of the heart - the point of integration of our totality and ultimately the door to liberation. It’s so simple and yet not easy to access.
Relaxation is necessary to locate this doorway to our inner world and truer self. In times of tension, most of us are challenged to slow down, drop in and find our center so that we can respond instead of react.
When life is coming at us full blast softening can feel dangerous. Libra is one of Venus's signs and truly wants harmonious partnerships, so can support us to tap into Venus' medicine.
Aries is Self and Libra is Other. This Moon may have brought forward Libra's shadow tendency of projection.
As Libra experiences self through the feedback of others, we can feel that our own internal experience is being caused by another. When in distortion, we can pin our own experience onto another. Taking time to cool off and distinguish what is ours can serve us during these flares.
Synching with Venus all the time helps us remember spaciousness in times of crisis. This practice includes the Moon but is not ruled by her energies, authentic feelings not emotions are in charge. This is the Solar Feminine. Birthed in 2012 when Venus visibly crossed the face of the Sun for the last time in our lifetime. Some of us are called to meet the month in this new way.
Venus Wisdom is starting a movement and opening the way for a new experience of the feminine energy of cycling. We honor the inception and completion of the monthly energies of through the New and Peak Venus Portals. Visionary women of heart, join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/VenusWisdom 
The Full Moon is useful in revealing our repressed emotions and impulses that haven’t been transmuted throughout the month or years. These are important reflections in our growth.
This last one was a doozy - a particularly potent shadow revealer with a tense square to Pluto, the Transformer, and in an opposition to Eris, the dwarf planet of Feminine Chaos. Eris is bursting to remedy oppression yet can unleash with annihilation instead of generation.
Furthermore, Saturn, The TaskMaster, was in a tense aspect with the North and South Nodes, indicators of our collective release and growth. This indicates a need for a vaster perspective and a more mature, disciplined response in relationships that support us to move forward with our inspired visions for the future. Not an easy assignment under these skies.
Another key to this Full Moon is that is opened up eclipse season! This is important. And more on this soon.
Venus shows us the evolutionary feminine path. Currently, she is in the changeable waters of Pisces, where she experiences boundless love and compassion. She started her cycle in Capricorn when she united with the Sun and carried this golden seed forward on her heroine's journey. She is in her descent now, so purification of identity liberates her to occupy more of her true Essence.
Venus in Pisces in her Capricorn cycle gives us access to our sacred no while feeling empathy for another. We can set boundaries while staying open to the care in our hearts. We can lovingly let go of relationships that are not aligned with our journey forward. Can you forgive yourself for not doing it perfectly?
There is much healing available with Venus in her sign of exaltation. She was in a sexy sextile with Uranus the Revolutionary and Mercury, the Messenger at the Full Moon.
Water and earth flow together and make mud when mixed. If we stayed open and fluid in this time of intensity, we may have the materials to construct new forms to hold and ground unconventional possibilities and unusual solutions.
It’s a time to dare to feel our most sublime dreams of a beautiful world. Many are dreaming a new timeline woven with attuned relating, trust in our inner knowing, living symbiotically with nature, and creating a culture based on care.
Allow yourself to taste the sweetness now, even if it’s only a hint. Consider it the homeopathic dose you need to sustain you as we artfully bridge the dying and the not yet formed.

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