Evening Star Venus in Sagittarius

Oct 19, 2021


Venus in Sagittarius Evening Star is the energetic theme of our heart's journey at this time. The invitation to allow our feminine wisdom to blossom is strong - whether this is your personal phase or you are tapping into the collective field. Do you know which Venus Phase you were born into?


The Queen of Heaven becomes the Queen of Heaven and Earth. She has cultivated faith during the longest night and knows the magic of Rebirth. Her personal suffering has opened her to compassion for other beings' suffering. As she rises higher and brighter, she demonstrates the depths of her knowing.

Our Feminine Essence becomes more mature and socially engaged. She needs a lot of social feedback to calibrate how effectively she is sharing her wisdom. After her heart's mission has come to completion, she shines in celebration, expressing the outer quality of the light she found within her Underworld experience. She enjoys the ripening and then releases as much of her wisdom to the world as possible before she fades from the Sky.

Evening Star Venus can inherently understand much about the feminine principle. Her life may prepare her to share it with the world.  She is often wise beyond her years. She wants to demonstrate the deep lessons of the Underworld and bring them into the light of day. She may be a teacher or work for social causes. She feels the needs and dreams of the collective. She benefits from a lot of social feedback to stay tuned to her impact on others. She is emanating her Essence here.


Artist unknown: please share if you do.

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