Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Feb 23, 2021
The power of fierce grace...
There’s a scene in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon where the heroine is sipping tea and defends herself against an attacker without even standing up.
She remains poised, calm, and graceful.
And completely demolishes her competition.
If you’ve never seen the movie it’s full of beautiful martial arts and it’s one of my favorite representations of the heroine spirit.
Much of what we see these days is the hero’s journey. All of the ways in which we defeat those things that are external to us. The battle, the struggles, and then the triumph.
But there’s a very particular difference when it comes to the heroine…
It’s the moment she takes her truest essence and wraps it around her fighting spirit.
It’s that moment of being so completely centered and connected to who she is that she doesn’t even have to get out of her chair in order to slay dragons.
That’s why this old movie about a badass warrior is considered a romantic adventure.
That’s why you see women out there crushing their goals and making it look effortless.
That’s why there are women who appear to have it all without sacrificing parts of their dreams.
That, quite frankly, is the vision most women are working towards in their life and yet can’t seem to figure out how to make it happen.
They chase the external hero’s journey and that’s what they get.
Success, business, even marriage.
Checking off the boxes and then wondering why it doesn’t feel more rewarding.
This is the detachment from Venus wisdom and it’s calling us all to reconnect now.
Venus is where we find all of our power within the exalted feminine energies and her moving into the Underworld as of February 1st means she is leading us to reclaim our power.
ALL of it. Not just the parts we’ve always known that have given us the power to fight our battles, but every single ounce of who we truly are.
That’s the secret that the heroine knows while others watch her and want to be her.
It really doesn’t matter if you wear high heels or flip flops - you have a deep Venus energy within you that is the integration of all of these parts of you. It’s not about what you’re wearing or how “feminine” you’re looking.
The heroine in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon wears a completely black ninja outfit and yet we still feel her feminine power. Now that’s power!
I created the 11-month journey, Awakening Our Heroine Heart, to lead visionary into this Venus wisdom in tangible and accessible ways. For the women that I call edgewalkers, those who are living outside of the mainstream and have a rebel spirit within them because they reject any notion of being how society has conditioned us to be.
It’s a deep integration of inner wisdom, heart guidance, and your ultimate power using Venus as our guide.
Join us to learn how to trust the feminine, get a roadmap for ease, and access your inner wisdom to unleash your next deepest desire.
We won’t be learning any martial arts, but we will be discovering the reward of being the heroine, not the hero.
Awakening Our Heroine Heart starts February 26th. We are starting our last shout-out to reach the heroine's who are called to journey with us.
Book a call and let's explore it!

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