Dec 21, 2021
The Sun moved into Capricorn at 7:59 am this morning marking the December Solstice.
Capricorn is an initiating, feminine earth sign. Today, Venus is on day three of her retrograde, as well as the peak of her monthly cycle with the Moon. She will retrace her steps back through Capricorn to unite with her beloved Sun and begin a new cycle on January 8th.
The sense of being at a collective tipping point is palpable. Clearly, it is not business as usual this holiday season.
Venus Wisdom asserts that Venus is the golden key to actualizing the positive timeline as we move into the Age of Aquarius. We use the Venus cycle as the container for all the energies and themes arising in the Sky Story. This way of working with astrology prioritizes the collective and personal transformation of our hearts.
Venus represents our primordial urge to connect and care for others. Venus connects us to our inner system of resonance that indicates who and what are aligned for us. Venus teaches us how to attune to another without losing ourselves.
Venus asserts that love, not competition, has been the driving force of evolution. A mothers’ love for her children can scorch those who seek to harm her progeny, move mountains of impossibility and become a tidal wave of protection.
All humans have the capacity to access the ferocity of that kind of love. The world needs more of us to embody it now.
Venus met up with Pluto, the Transformer, on December 11th and will do so again on December 25th and March 3rd. We cannot look away from the change that is coming as we head into the final deconstruction of dominator culture.
If we want to live in a reality where our bonds with each other have more power than a bondage system designed for ever-increasing control, we need to remember Venus.
Our inner wisdom is essential at this watershed moment where every distortion of the dying world is becoming evident. We are starting to see into every nook and cranny of a paradigm based on fear and control. As we take more responsibility for our lives, we see how this extraction consciousness lives within.
Tyranny can hide no more. And more of us are claiming our ability to purify our hearts and change the world.
The greater meaning of this moment is embedded in her larger 19-month cycle which began in June of 2020 in the sign of Gemini. The Venus cycle is an ancient template that can instruct our own heroine’s journey. This is an inner quest that beckons us to claim more of our true power and authenticity.
What we learned in this past cycle is critically important to navigating what is to come. We learned so much through Gemini and with Mercury as co-pilot.
As she is retrograde, we are invited to take refuge in our inner world to reflect, review, reconnect, remember, renew, reset, revitalize, rework, repair and rest.
Uranus, the Great Awakener still activating one of Venus’ signs, Taurus, keeps reminding us the revolution is IN. It definitely won’t be televised but the footage of humans of heart rising that make their way through the walls of censorship can strengthen our knowing that we are rising together.
This past Venus in Gemini cycle asks:
  • Did you increase your capacity to hold many possibilities of reality within the world and other people’s experience with sacred openness?
  • Were you inspired to courageously consider the positive and negative outcomes of choice points and timelines unfolding?
  • Are you learning the art of transmuting fear into love, lead into gold?
  • Are you more able to access more of your inner guidance to move towards and stand in what’s right for you, regardless of other influences?
  • Are you willing to live from the spark of your true identity instead of hiding behind the masks of your conditioned self?
We are at the end of Venus’s quest when she retraces the same degrees in the zodiac she traversed to reach the climax of her cycle. This is when our heroine reaches the mountain peak, takes her seat on her throne and puts on her crown.
We are her. Our throne is our knowledge of the Earth’s intelligence, through our humbling to nature’s principles. Our crown connects us to cosmic wisdom, which reflects our infinite nature.
We could think of it as embarking on an extraordinary journey - something akin to hiking the Pacific Rim trail (a 2650 mile trail spanning the west coast of the US.) In the final leg of your journey, you take a trail to the summit of the highest mountain.
After sitting on top of the world, basking in your accomplishment and refuelling, you retrace your steps back on the same trail to get to the point you were at weeks ago. This is the point where you will be picked up by a friend to return home, integrate your journey and begin to plan your next adventure. Can you feel the energetics of this retrograde in this story?
On November 17th Venus was at 11˚ Capricorn moving towards her greatest brilliance that she reached on December 7th. This the climax of her 19 month cycle. She stationed retrograde on December 19th at 26˚ Capricorn and will move back to that 11˚ Capricorn spot and turn direct on January 29th. She moves forward and will reach the 26˚ Capricorn spot again on March 1st. By then, we will be in the new Capricorn cycle that will assist us to manifest the new reality. But, first, we integrate and rest. Her retrograde bridges the old cycle and the new.
I don’t consider this a “shadow” period, as she is moving towards the heart of the Sun and her closest position to Earth. And, no, she is not going into the Underworld (again) but teaching us the power of reset. She was in Underworld from February-May of 2021 when she went behind the Sun.
As we begin to move with her rhythm and receive the embodied understanding of her cycle, some of these astrological concepts don’t hold true with our lived experience. We are evolving. More on this as we move into her Reset Phase on January 3rd.
Venus implores us that, if we want to live as sovereign beings, learn the art of collaboration and activate our collective genius, we need the medicine of our hearts that she reflects to us. Venus is so much more than the shallow and distorted archetypes that we have been given.
The true medicine of Venus is not just a static point, as in, Venus is now in the sign of Capricorn. Or, Venus is retrograde. To receive her medicine, we need to feel all of her; to honor our heart's initiation of life, death and rebirth and follow the thread of it all the way through her cycle.
The current one began with her ecstatic union with the Sun in Gemini on June 3rd, 2020. Life as we knew it crumbled as she rose as Morning Star that summer. The world shut down and erupted in violence. In the face of this, we may have felt the inspiration to live in greater integrity with truth and in service to our sacred purpose. We may have felt that it is now or never for us to blossom into who we truly are.
If you are reading this, you likely heard the call. And answered it. Something in you said, "Yes. I want more of me. I want to know more of myself as an infinite being. I want to share the power of my radiance and gifts with the world.” Once we say, “yes”, there was no going back. We embarked on a journey of transformation. And now it is coming to a close.
As we move into this retrograde and toward Venus’ disappearance as Evening Star around January 3rd, there is much tension building. We will move through the final square of Saturn and Uranus on December 24th - the clash of the old and the new. The status quo vs. the awakening.
This past year we have had many opportunities to become more at ease in the midst of discomfort as our societal structures changed faster than we could process. This pressure creates tension in our bodies and that can block us from accessing our own wisdom.
At this time, slowing down and taking time to be with ourselves and in nature is wise. Reflecting on how we relate to ourselves and our loved ones will show us much. Our affection is nectar that nourishes all our relations. We can find the eye of the storm in our hearts, a place of embodied quietude in the midst of chaos.
Syncing with Venus fortifies our ability to connect to our infinite nature and learn to trust the source of this within our body. Our inner guidance is crucial for us to move through the uncertainty of this time as the old deconstructs and the new begins to take form. We can stabilize in the not knowing, waiting for the right moment to take action.
Blessings on your life at this most challenging and turbulent time. May you connect with your inner guidance system, feel your resonance, find your kin, attune to kindness and navigate wisely.
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Bright Blessings,
Sasha Rose 🌹

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