New Venus Portal in Aries

May 26, 2022

 Venus meets Moon exactly at 28˚Aries at 8 pm tonight.


This fog rolled in this morning, so I could not see Venus and the Moon in the Sky. Did you receive the light of Venus with the Moon?


Some questions for this potentized time when the lunar and feminine meet and we open up the next month and next chapter of our heroine's journey.


  •  What is moving through your heart that is ready to be released to make way for the next chapter of your heroine's journey?
  • Can you uncover your hidden desires, the ones you may have disowned?
  • Are you inspired to gather fire, flowers, water, stones and beauty and make an offering of beauty today?
  • How can you "feed" your Venus by doing something fun, sexy, and nurturing? Could be painting your toenails, making time for art, dancing, buying something luscious that supports your body love, like oils, bath salts, or?

Tomorrow Venus and the Moon will still be close together if you wish to rise early to drink in the beauty (5:30 am here in N. Ca, earlier in the north and later in the south.)


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