Blessed Imbolc

Feb 03, 2021
Blessed Imbolc! Today is a portal day of possibility and magic. The Sun is at 15 degrees Aquarius, the exact mid-way point between the December Solstice and the March Equinox.
Imbolc means, "quickening" in Gaelic. The Celts and many other cultures celebrated this moment in the seasonal calendar. These holidays are connected to the element of fire, honoring the power of transformation. Bonfires were often lit across the land as part of the celebration.
Fire is connected to our spirit, the part of us connected to the Mystery. The spark of the infinite lives within our hearts. How do we feel this, connect with this and stoke the flame of our sacred passion?
This is especially important at this time when collectively we have experienced so much loss of the familiar? Dreaming now is a huge resource and ripples beyond what we can perceive.
What would you be doing every day if there were no obstacles? What makes your heart leap? Who would you want to be sharing this experience with?
We are currently in the Venus in Gemini cycle through January 2022. The theme of meeting change with a wild and open heart is woven through this whole year. The invitation to integrate heart and mind and increase emotional intelligence is alive. How well are we attuning to our own feelings and needs as well as perceiving the experiences of those we care about? We especially need to tend to our care in virtual communications.
Venus just went into the Underworld and shifted into Aquarius. Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius and will be moving backward, meeting up with the planets there and Venus on February 13th. This is a time of shifts in perception connected to the heart.
Take time today to slow down, be in nature, and feel the spark that resides within you. I have been walking in the morning to move my body and intentionally open up my breathing for the day. This morning I saw a rainbow on my walk and remembered the blessings of this Earth that I live upon.
Artist: unknown - please share if you do.

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