Blessed June Solstice!

Jun 20, 2022
We have entered a special time of peak of day or night. The energies now will set the themes for the next 3 months.

Officially the Sun will shift into the sign of Cancer at 2:13 am Pacific on 6/21 activating the first water sign in the zodiacal flow. 

June 21st-June 24th is the window of time when the Sun reaches its greatest northern or southern point and appears to "stand still" before turning around. 

Getting up to greet the first light of the Sun is recommended. If you get up even earlier and view the sky in the darkness, you will receive a rare treat.

Currently, all the visible planets are aligning in their natural order from the Sun - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

I was up this morning and delighted to connect with Venus.  Mercury was there although quite faint.  I hear that June 24th is the best morning to view them.

Additionally, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn are in their home signs giving a pure transmission of those aspects and energies - Mind, Feminine Essence, Masculine Essence, and our Social Authority are in the signs where they have "rulership,", or, a natural affinity. 

The Moon will be moving through the line-up towards Venus for an exact meet-up on June 26th to open our New Venus Portal in Gemini. 

If you want to become more intimate with the journey of the Sun through the seasons, find a landmark for the point where the Sun is rising and setting and make a note or place a stick there. Watch as the Sun "turns around" and starts moving the other direction as progress towards the next turn of September Equinox. 

On our pre-dawn walk, Gypsy and I almost crossed paths with a skunk coming out of the high grass! Luckily, I saw her raised tail peeking through the grass and steered us in the other direction. The birds singing up the Sun always feels like the best way to greet the morning. 

Did you brave the early morning dark and cold and sleepiness to rise and receive this celestial beauty?  I love to hear your stories!

Hope you create some time to be in and with nature in this window and listen to the deep river of your heart song.

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