Venus in Cancer

Jun 03, 2021

Venus entered Cancer, the watery sign of the Mother today, June 2nd, at 6:19 am PST. She will remain here through June 26th. Did you notice a shift?


 Venus in Cancer shifts the cosmic feminine essence from airy Gemini to watery Cancer. Of course, she will continue to carry the thread of Gemini consciousness all the way through the end of this cycle.


 The energy of the Sky Story is liminal with Mercury retrograde and in the midst of eclipse season, so her time here may have a dreamy, time out of time quality.


 In Cancer, our feminine nature sensitizes and become more aware of the experience our emotional body more. Venus in Cancer is evolutionary feminine in the sign of history. We may long for maternal love and choose to embody more of our inherent ability to care for others (whether we are biological mothers or not).


 We may yearn for our tribe and a sense of belonging in an increasingly divided world. We may be inspired to create time to share nourishment with others - food, care, tears, memories, reflections. We have a chance to heal old wounds that are still raw and our relationship with women. Strengthening the bonds between women is important for the work on the planet right now. Especially the honoring of mothers, the humans who bring forth life and all the unseen tending that they do to care for the littles.


 We have a choice to receive our current feelings as they arise or to connect the feeling with history and stories = emotion. Neither is wrong and it's powerful to notice that choice-point.


 Water is the element that holds our deepest knowing, the wisdom of the womb, the wisdom of the cosmic oceans of mystery. Tuning into water this month will be especially sacred.


 Art by: CosmicCollage

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