Cancerian Musings

Jun 17, 2021

Do we yield to the mystery hidden in the wet cave of our broken, open hearts? Or do we yield to the straight lines of external authority and control?


We quickly approach June Solstice and the Sun’s transition into Cancer. Evening Star Venus is in Cancer until June 27th. Evening Star Mars left last week and now burns in the creative fires of Leo.


Cancer is the first water sign in the progression of the zodiac. This water activation comes in eclipse season, in the midst of Mercury retrograde with dreamy Pisces, Neptune energies engaged and a huge dose of mutable energy in the mix.


This Sky Story moved us through the second square between Saturn and Uranus, representing our collective choice of control or freedom, the past clashing with the future.


Cancer is active water, embodying the sea. She is protector of the vulnerable. She comforts. She nourishes. She remembers. She is salty and she will pinch those who hurt her or those she loves.


She is initiating water, moving, ebbing and flowing, stretching forward and returning home again- cycling.


Water is soft and yet it can obliterate mountains. In time. We are in an initiation into the power of liquidity. The art of yielding and letting go.


We are invited into liminal space, the in-between, a portal between what was and what has not yet been created. We are waking up in the dream that has held us in solidity and discovering that we are infinite.  Worlds within worlds are dividing now.


Do we yield to the mystery hidden in the wet cave of our broken, open hearts? Or do we yield to the straight lines of external authority and control?


Our blood is our water within. The power of it is primal and pre-verbal. We swam in the womb. The mystery of water is deeper than words. It can be pointed to but not described with language. Maybe poems.


If we listen, we can hear the rhythm of the tides within and know when to stretch and when to return. We can move from not knowing.


Our resistance to the dying world doesn’t need to be bitter, doesn't need to be full of tension. We can yield our resistance to the natural flow into a holy new reality. The new earth blooming - lush beyond our imagining.


We can relentlessly drip towards the path of goodness; the path of protection of children, of earth, of our organic nature. We can warm our water with the heat of our inner flame. We can thaw our ancient fear of being free.


We can rise like a swell, like a tsunami of care in the face of the next stage of the mechanistic, dehumanizing forces that want to dissect the unknowable, conquer the mystery, trap our wild knowing in cold boxes and lock them away.


We can refuse that path with love. We can choose a path of beauty with the fierceness of a mother moving her child out of harm’s way. Water can swerve, find new openings as it pushes forward into the future, releasing the memories to the stones.


We can drop below the conceptual into the liminal and feel. What is arising in the open space of now? It may not make any sense.


Our feelings may not make sense but they are a most trustworthy guide. Who to connect with and who to separate from? Trust the water inside our own sacred vessel.


We can flow towards a positive future, like a wave, gathering strength in kinship, until we peak and feel our power to create a new world together. Only together.


Water finds the space in the tight corners, the possibility in the impossible. We flow until we emerge in a new reality, suddenly surrounded by the care that we seeded in our own hearts. Now reflected like light on water, illuminating the faces of all who arrived on the same shore. May we receive and be nourished by the finding of our kin.


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