The Wisdom of Capricorn: The Grandmother Council

Jan 14, 2021
As I reflect on 2020, I am moved by the absence in our culture of exalted expression of Capricorn energy as represented by the indigenous grandmother council.

✨What if elders deeply connected to the Earth were an integral part of culture-making?

✨What if the wise females who have brought life through their bodies and are viscerally attuned to the impact on future generations were at the center of the community?

✨What if the grandmother council had the power to veto any harmful initiatives proposed by the larger community?

I first heard this description of Capricorn as indigenous grandmothers energy from Daniel Gimario of Shamanic Mystery School.

This understanding landed more deeply this year as the shadow Capricorn expression of dominator culture revealed more of its intent to enslave through fear and control.

This idea is not about another layer of hierarchy or a design to exclude men and younger women from being involved in the daily governance. The grandmothers would just assert themselves, as needed, as they have in more equitable cultures throughout history.

The Sun is still in Capricorn illuminating the bones of what was re-structured in 2020. Venus will enter Capricorn tomorrow. We are stepping into infinite possibility as we re-dream the world in the Age of Aquarius. Feels like nothing can stop the new reality from emerging

Venus in Capricorn helps us embody more love through grounding into our bodies, becoming more intimate with the practical steps to manifest our most cherished longings and what will support our growth as we step into this new age.
Image: Grandmother Spider, JoJayson

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