Aug 09, 2022

Since 7/26, how have you been tending to your deep, sensitive heart? Under these skies, you may have had more tears and experienced more losses than usual. This has been an especially challenging Morning Star Descent.

Now, something may be clarifying, ready to be seen, and expressed in writing, spoken words, dance or art for yourself or to another.

Venus in Cancer is the energy of the Mother, the Nurturer, the Caring Lover. We have the capacity to fill up from the wellspring of our hearts.

Are we filling up with love and living in abundance or giving away our waters until our well is depleted?

At the Peak Venus Portal, the almost Full Moon sets in the West as Venus rises in the East before dawn.

The opposing Moon in Capricorn reflects our historic patterns of control and where those are still playing out in our relations. Can we allow that habit to thaw and move towards something new and truer to who we are now?

Venus opposed Pluto late last night, invoking and energies of the Underworld that have been woven into this cycle that began 1/8/22. What is being destroyed to make way for rebirth?

As Earth’s twin and reflector, Venus guides us deeper into our bodies. Her dance with the Sun reveals our hearts as portals of power where human heart meets solar heart and connects us to the fire of the infinite.

In this cycle, we are invited to feel our deepest heart's dreaming of a new reality and begin manifesting the structures to support us in birthing it.

Living our mission takes courage and vulnerability. Are you appreciating yourself for the moments when you express each?

Your medicine is essential for this change of ages.

Committing to self-kindness opens the path on this journey as Venus starts to complete her Morning Star phase and prepares for her dive into the Underworld for her deepest initiation.

Getting up before dawn to receive Venus' light in our eyes supports our personal quest to liver deeper in our bodies and be guided by our fierce truth.

In the spirit of the sweetness of Venus right now, I would like to share a free offering from a fellow visionary astrologer - Tyler Penor, founder of the School of Living astrology. His work teaching astrology through the principles of nature has had a beautiful impact on my own practice this past year.

In the Living Cosmology Mini-Course, he tells four cosmic "stories" that illuminate how nature is connected to our birth charts. Tyler is a wise being and gifted storyteller. Listening to him teach evokes sitting around the campfire and receiving star medicine. Hope you enjoy this free offering.

I highly recommend his online courses if you want to go deeper. As a seasoned astrologer, I've learned much from Tyler. You can access the free course here.

Always feel free to hit reply and share your stories of Venus gazing and what's moving through your heart. We love to hear from you.

Blessings on your journey home to occupy more of your authentic self.

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